Mermaid Sighting: Sweet Handmade Mermaids

There’s nothing sweeter than a new baby. Of course, we mean any baby around here…puppies, sea turtles, but this particular time, we mean human babies! Doesn’t everyone has a soft spot for infant photography? Of course, and new parents are always looking for unique ways to capture those fleeting moments. Well, when we came across this sighting from, and we just melted!

The beautiful work of Alisha adorable!

Isn’t that gorgeous!? And handmade at that! This is the work of the super talented Alisha Martin, and you can find this beautiful work and more in her Etsy shop, Alisha May Creations. Not only does she crochet these beautiful pieces by hand herself, her shop is full of photography props and accessories just perfect for new parents looking for that special touch for their photo shoot.

Handmade perfection from Alisha May Creations on Etsy!

This newborn mermaid outfit is hand made of soft acrylic yarn, and Alisha also makes them custom, to your color and size! How wonderful is that? Make sure you head over to Alisha May Creations and browse through all the magical goodies. They are all amazing, but of course, our absolute favorite is this darling mermaid! Five stars, Alisha! Beautiful work!

Alisha has also been so kind as to offer anyone reading this post a coupon code forĀ 15% off the total purchase! Just enter the code “favorite” when you check out! Thanks Alisha!

Have you seen a mermaid? We’d love to hear about it! Please send your mermaid sightings and stories to and keep your eyes peeled…you sighting could be the next one featured right here on our blog!


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  1. teresa

    just woundering do you sell the pattern for the mermaid rop

    • Melissa

      We don’t, but thank you for asking! If you’d look in the third paragraph, there should be a link to the listing for the handmade piece from the artist’s website. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying our Mermaid Sightings!

  2. Casie nolan


    I was wondering for the cost of the newborn mermaid outfit? And how long it take to ship?

  3. kristie

    Hi.I’m wanting to make this for my niece that will be here in September.could I buy the pattern from you.I love it

    • david

      Hi, Kristie! Isn’t it adorable? Just click on the link to Alisha Martin for her contact info and she’ll be able to help you with information about her creations.


  4. So cute gonna have to make this!

  5. I saw this mermaid crochet outfit and would like to know where I can find the instructions to make it?

    Thanks!! :)

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