The Mermaids of Tybee Island

Diane Kaufman air the Mermaid Cottages gathering

I recently attended a gathering of the Mermaids at Bohemian Cottage.  Here are a few shots I took of the Mermaid Cottages team and Diane.

There was a master class of towel and sheet folding by housekeeping and a dessert contest.

There is one shot of a mermaid that inspired this blog post.  I’ve been accused of dressing for my rooms in the past.  As an interior designer you get in the groove with color and pattern, it just happens.  Notice the zebra stripes.


Towel folding master class

General Judy with Marilou and Melissa

Kathy’s Tutorial / How to make a bed 101

Bobby / Mr. Fix It

Toni, Jill and Theresa

Desserts waiting to be judged.

Mermaid Style

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