Puppy Dog Tails

There’s nothing fishy here.  This Mermaid is thankful that my heart beats in rhythm to a trio of puppy dog tails.  Danny, Sophie and Boomer are my ambassadors for love, life and caring.  They each came into my life at different times for different reasons and, just like pieces of a puzzle, they fit and click and see me and accommodate me.

Puppy Dog Tails

Here’s Danny!

It’s their passions and capacities for acceptance that guide and maintain the plan to make room for pets in my life and my business.  They also help remind me we’re here to serve and share and make living much more enjoyable at Mermaid Cottages.

Puppy Dog Tails

Dearest Sophie, the wild child!

Your stay with Mermaid Cottages will continue the efforts to support Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program, which makes it possible for disabled individuals to realize their independence through the use of a service dog.  In addition, these programs assist returning soldiers with a variety of needs, including post traumatic stress disorder.  It’s truly been an honor to also support The Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind.  Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.

Puppy Dog Tails

Young Boomer, handsome and wise with a beautiful soul!

I invite you to join me in support of Service Animals, Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs wherever they serve.  It’s a noble calling and an honor to witness the miracles of an animal’s love.  Just know your visits to Mermaid Cottages and your purchases of Beach Bum Biscuits help make a difference in many, many lives.  I believe in heroes everywhere.  Some of them just happen to come with puppy dog tails.

Puppy Dog Tails


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