Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up Without Tybee Island

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up without Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages. Children learn from doing and they learn from observing what you do.  Take the time to model for your children that it’s beneficial to take time off from work and routine and to discover and explore new adventures.

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In fact, psychologists suggest mothers take breaks by going on mom-cations. For the best results, psychologists say moms should take off for at least two days.  Now, we know everyone Mom could benefit from time away from everyday life, but it’s not always possible.  So, whether you’re planning for a Mom-cation or a family fun getaway with the children, we’ve got everything you need to unplug.

Sea Biscuit Cottage circa 1949

sea biscuit cottage mermaid cottages

Sea Biscuit is what you think of when you have a beach cottage in mind and one bedroom cottages are rare.  They’re affordable and provide so much room to relax.  This cottage is quiet, adorable, cozy, private and much better than a dreary hotel room. It’s pet friendly, too, so pack your wags when you come.

Bike and Hike

bikes for getting around tybee island

Well, Tybee Island is only about 3 miles long, so it’s perfect for an adventure without moving your car. Our bike route is comprised of paths and safe streets that take you through our laid back neighborhoods and right onto the beach. The six-mile long McQueen’s Trail along highway 80 is also a favorite for biking and hiking.

Soothing Sands Recovery Workshop: The Island of Misfit People

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How about a weekend workshop when you feel the need to be free of bondage to self.  Here, you can explore how you grow in emotional maturity and learn to depend on a higher power. Some of the techniques will include Native American Talking Circles, Fireside Meetings, Beach Meditation, Essential Oils Workshops, a mini boot-camp for healthy lifestyles and how to create your own Mala or Talisman.  You’ll even be eligible for a discount when you stay with Mermaid Cottages.

Redirect Your Story With Tours Through History

fort screven on tybee island ga

Head to Fort Pulaski to see live, daily cannon firings or immerse yourself in our island’s right history at Fort Screven. Climb to the top of Tybee Island Lighthouse to gain new insight or drop your worries right onto the water’s edge and let the currents take them away.

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Again, a Mom-cation just for yourself may not be possible in your situation.  You can still indulge yourself and bring along the children, if you need.  We have larger vintage and historic cottages, too.  They’re big enough to provide a private boudoir for you and plenty of room for everyone else to spread out.

Dutton-Waller Cottage circa 1933

dutton-waller cottage decor

This historic raised cottage has been beautifully restored and recently updated.  Rock-a-bye your soul along the large wraparound porch and enjoy a leisurely stroll down to AJ’s Dockside, the Alley 3 Kayak Launch, and the Back River Fishing Pier.

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It’s necessary for your children to understand and respect your time to recharge and renew.  It’s also important for them to observe how you plan family time away from their normal routines and for them to see how much you enjoy a Mom-cation, too.  Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up without Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages. Give us a call.  We’re always happy to help you unplug, indulge, commiserate and recharge.



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