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Mermaid Sightings: They’re In Annapolis, Too!

Mermaids are everywhere!  They’re in Annapolis, too!  This week’s Mermaid Sightings come from Rhonda, our Mermaid friend in Maryland.

“I found these in Annapolis last week.  The one with the tag is a fan for sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. (They also had crab fans!).”

Mermaid Sightings: They're In Annapolis, Too

This beauty was spotted at Bed, Bath and Beyond!

“The other is the logo for a car wash.”
– Rhonda

Mermaid Sightings: They're In Annapolis, Too

We even did a little checking and found that Maritime Autowash is a Best of Annapolis award winner!  “Maritime Autowash is a full time carwash utilizing state of the art hybrid technology.  We recycle 97% of our wash water and only use biodegradable detergents and waxes.”  They’re a leader in environmental conservation, just like us!

Thanks to Rhonda for sharing these two sea gals with us.  Remember, when you’re out and about and see a Mermaid, snap a photo and email it to  You and your Mermaid Sighting may be featured in an upcoming blog post!



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Mermaid Sightings: Ruth’s New Mermaid

Today’s Mermaid Sightings comes from our wonderful mer-friend, Ruth M.!

Mermaid Sightings: Ruth's New Mermaid

“We finally moved here!  “Memories at the Beach” was the house that made me realize what kind of place I wanted here on Tybee. My mermaid is about 30 inches tall and hangs over the tub.  Leslie Johnson of Lone Swan Design in Statesboro, GA made my mermaid for me!  She’s a wonderful gift from my children!” – Ruth M., Tybee Island GA!… read more

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Mermaid Sightings: Visakhapatnam India

This week’s Mermaid Sightings come from Lori M. and her daughter from Scottsdale, AZ!

“My daughter and I spotted these mermaids last month in Visakhapatnam, India, and immediately thought of you. The mermaids are looking out over the Bay of Bengal from across the street. Just thought you might like the mermaid sighting. Take it easy.”

Mermaid Sightings Visakhapatnam Indiaread more

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Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore

Swish! Swish! Poof!  Here’s a wonderful chance to make some new mermaid sightings!  It’s the Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore Fiber Arts Exhibition to be held September 6-8, 2012 in Charleston SC!

Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore

As part of the three day Opening Weekend for Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore: A fiber Arts Exhibiton, you are invited on September 7th at 6:30  p.m. to Fort Moultrie on Sullivans Island,  South Carolina for a very special Celebration.  September 7th is the Feast Day to honor Mermaid goddess Yemaya.
According to Yoruba elders, The Black Mermaid  is the “unseen mother present at every gathering.  “She is omnipresent and omnipotent. Her power is represented in Yoruba teaching  reminding  us that ‘no one is an enemy to water’.”  High Chief and High Priest Nathaniel Styles of the Yoruba Kingdom will introduce and educate us as how to honor and celebrate the Black Mermaid Yemaya…. read more

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Mermaid Sighting: Siren’s Call

This week’s Mermaid Sighting is Siren’s Call Wine and it was sent in by Ro from Jackson, SC!

Mermaid Sightings:Siren's Call Wine


“Follow the call of the siren and you will find us.  A wine inspired by the melodies of Greek mythology’s most  alluring seductress.  A wine cultured from notes of sophistication an unquestionable beauty.  A wine that answers a call.  This is our wine.  This is Siren’s call.”

We love this beautifully branded and illustrated wine bottle design!

“Like the sailor-seducing mermaids of Greek mythology, Siren’s Call draws in wine drinkers with its alluring design and robust flavours. Hand-drawn illustrations and typography highlighted with cream and flecks of gold make for a truly tempting wine no mortal can resist.”

As we like to say, it doesn’t matter to us if the glass is half full or half empty…All that matters is there’s room for more wine!  Thank you, Ro!  We love your Mermaid Sighting and Siren’s Call.  Remember, mermaids (and mermen) are everywhere.  If you spot one, send it to us and you could be featured in an upcoming Mermaid Sighting!

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Siren Sisters

Mermaid Sightings

SIREN SISTERS by artist Robin Sterns of Ardsley Art Glass

This week’s Mermaid Sightings comes to us from artist Robin Sterns of Ardsley Art Glass:

“Made this and thought of you: “Siren Sisters”: stained glass, glass gems, copper wire, Murano glass starfish, coral beads, Czech fish beads. 10×24″ in an oak frame. Featured at the July Tybee Arts Association show. Looking for a good home!  … I love your exterior paint choices and interior decorations!!!”… read more

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Sassy Sea Siren Wallet

Mermaid SightingsSassy Sea Siren Alert!  Today’s Mermaid Sighting was sent in by Mermaid-emeritus Melissa S. in Deland, FL! It’s a Sassy Sea Siren Wallet for sale online at Plasticland.  Plasticland is a “purveyor of kitsch curiosities & retro clothing” and they been open since 2002.

This large bi-fold wallet is made of turquoise faux-leather (vinyl) and features a large sassy sea siren (mermaid) print on the front, a starfish shaped snap closure, a large interior space with pockets for cash and credit cards, and a zippered change pocket…. read more

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The Mermaids of Tybee Island

Diane Kaufman air the Mermaid Cottages gathering

I recently attended a gathering of the Mermaids at Bohemian Cottage.  Here are a few shots I took of the Mermaid Cottages team and Diane.

There was a master class of towel and sheet folding by housekeeping and a dessert contest.

There is one shot of a mermaid that inspired this blog post.  I’ve been accused of dressing for my rooms in the past.  As an interior designer you get in the groove with color and pattern, it just happens.  Notice the zebra stripes.


Towel folding master class

General Judy with Marilou and Melissa

Kathy’s Tutorial / How to make a bed 101

Bobby / Mr. Fix It

Toni, Jill and Theresa

Desserts waiting to be judged.

Mermaid Style

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Island Girls

Mermaid Sightings on Tybee IslandTeam Two For The Road, beauty judges for the Rand McNally and USA Today’s Most Beautiful Small Town/Best of the Road, was welcomed onto Tybee Island last week. Front and center were Mermaid Denise and Mermaid Jan, two of our favorite island girls!  In fact, that’s Jan and Denise front and center in this photo and Jan’s photo was featured in the print version of Savannah Morning News!

Dusty and Nikki Green of Two For The Road spent a couple of days enjoying our island life and they’ll present their findings to the judging committee.  The winner of the Most Beautiful Small Town will be announced July 15 and will also be featured on The Travel Channel on July 25.  Tybee Island is used to being recognized as a great place to visit and this latest nomination has made everyone very proud…. read more


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Mermaid Sightings from Michigan!

The owners of Tybee Tides and Fish Camp are great friends and travel together alot.  They just sent us this great Mermaid Sighting from their recent travels!   Enjoy!

Our Michigan Mermaid Sightings!

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