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Caring For Bobby’s Turtles

This weekend we’ll be caring for Bobby’s turtles.  Bobby Meyer was a valued member of our Mermaid Cottages team and husband to our Mermaid Jan.  He was also very passionate about Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project.  He was a faithful volunteer for many years.  He and Jan spent many very early mornings before dawn on patrol to spot sea turtle crawls and their nests.  Bobby passed away this past December.  We will carry on his tradition of caring for and protecting sea turtles on Tybee Island.

caring for bobby's sea turtles


The 13th annual Tybee Turtle Trot is this Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Our Mermaid team will celebrate Bobby’s desire to help sea turtles and to kick off Georgia’s sea turtle nesting season.  Proceeds from this weekend will help fund the Tybee Island Marine Science Center’s Sea Turtle Project. It’ll be our very special honor to sponsor this year’s celebration in memory of Bobby and his good works.  Tybee Sea Turtle Project watches over the island’s nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings, and as is tradition, there will be the release of a rescued sea turtle back to the sea. tybee turtle trot

Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project is a conservation program of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. The center is a member of the Georgia DNR’s Sea Turtle Cooperative. Permitted volunteers protect the island’s nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings by monitoring sea turtle activity. During nesting season, May 1 to October 31., volunteers walk the beach looking for sea turtle tracks (crawls) that indicate a sea turtle came on land to nest. After a nest has been laid, they “nest sit” through the night. In addition to nest monitoring, the science center provides educational programs on sea turtles, manages the island’s Lights Out! Campaign, and plays host to Ike, Tybee’s official Marine Debris Ambassador.

caring for bobby's sea turtles

Please join us this weekend for this very special celebration in Bobby’s memory.  We’ll be caring for Bobby’s turtles and we invite you to care for them, as well.  We know he’ll be watching and smiling and celebrating right along with us.  We will carry on and remembering will have to do.  Bobby Meyer volunteered to make a difference and our Mermaids will continue his tradition.  Our love will see us through.

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PERC Up With Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee

Mermaid Cottages loves promoting our brand standards, especially since they help us support and promote so many great causes.  PERC up with Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee and you can help us support our Tybee Sea Turtles and sea turtle conservation around the world!

Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee

One of the reasons we are so happy to feature PERC coffee in our cottages is PERC’s committee to taste and quality:

“Hello to our beloved PERC Coffee Family.

We are reaching out to all of our accounts to say thanks so much for your business! 

PERC Coffee was born from the desire to bring the next level of coffee culture to the people of Savannah.  We are passionate about sourcing the most amazing coffees from all over the world.  PERC is dedicated to maintaining the efforts of the farmers who helped get these amazing coffees to Savannah and we know you that are too. 

Whether you are a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, ice cream parlor, hotel, hostel, or cupcake bakery; together we are on a mission to bring the highest quality coffee to Savannah and the southern region. 

Our goal is to empower you with the tools, education, and training to create top-notch coffee programs. … read more

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Make A Difference: Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee

You can make a difference by drinking Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee!

Make A Difference:Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee


The sun is peeking over the horizon, dolphins are scurrying along their morning commute, and the salty sea breeze wafts over the island.  Oh, what a beautiful morning for Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee! You heard that correctly…coffee from The Mermaids! We are so excited about it because sales of our Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee help support the Tybee Sea Turtles program!… read more


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Race To The Sea

There’s a race to the sea going on this week and you can come out and cheer!

Sea Turtles in Tybee Island

Since we had two nests hatch in one night, we will have two excavations in one night, this Friday, July 27.  They will be happening AT THE SAME TIME at 8:15pm  in two very different locations!  Turtle Tammy and Tybee Sea Turtle Project advise they must do this to make sure they can release any possible live hatchlings at dark…. read more

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Tybee Sea Turtles: Can Ya Dig It?

Tybee Sea Turtles are breaking records this year!  Can ya dig it?

Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee supports Tybee Sea Turtle Conservation

Our sea turtle mommies have been hard at work this year and so have our volunteer Turtle Spotters and Nest Sitters.

“Busy turtle night last night… Nests 3 & 4 began hatching, and we have a new nest on the island!  Nest 18 was relocated to 19th street in the dune area around the bend from the hotels/condos.” – Tybee Sea Turtle Project… read more

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Counting Turtles and Saying Thanks!

Tybee Island Sea Turtles, Mermaid Morning Bliss CoffeeHere’s the latest update from Turtle Tammy!

“We are on a roll. Nest #13 was found this morning. Katie found the track. Some folks witnessed the turtle nesting and left a message at the science center. It was relocated to the dunes just south of 7th Street, 120 eggs. We are one away from our record, I expect to exceed the record, of 14, by next week, maybe even this weekend. There were four other false crawls this morning found by Katie and Kevin, but only that one nest.Mermaids Make A Difference, Mermaid Morning Bliss

I gave an interview today, with WSAV. The interview was in regards to the photo that shows four guys with a loggerhead. This occurred on Pine Island, off Wassaw Island. The guys felt the turtle was stuck and decided to help her to the water. Although it is possible for a turtle to get stuck it is rare. In the interview,  I made sure to tell people that if they encounter a turtle, to call the 1-800-save-me phone number. That way someone from DNR could respond and make sure the turtle is okay or needs to be rehabilitated. A stranded turtle could mean the turtle is sick, injured or incapacitated is some way. Hopefully the turtle is just fine.”

Woo hoo!  Isn’t this exciting?  You bet!  But, please remember to always call if you think you see a sea turtle in distress.  The number again is 1-800-save-me.  Be sure to stop by Seaside Sisters and get your Mermaid Morning Bliss coffee.  It looks like we’ll have a lot of sea turtles to support!

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Everything’s Coming Up Sea Turtles

Hey, y’all!  Everything’s coming up sea turtles!  Turtle Tammy has great news.

“Nest #12 was found this morning. The turtle was still on the beach witnessed by Kevin and Danny (sea turtle nesting volunteers). Danny took pictures and was able to read the tag. I will find out where this turtle was tagged and get that information out soon. The nest was relocated to a higher spot. It is north of the East Gate (Sugar Shack) crossover.

 I am thinking we will have 14 by the weekend.”

Thanks to Turtle Tammy and all of the volunteers.  Everything’s coming up sea turtles on Tybee and we’re so proud!

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Sea Turtle Sightings

Tybee Island sea turtle nesting seasonWe have lots to report in Sea Turtle sightings this week, especially since our much-loved sea turtle came home!

Yep, the Tybee Island Welcome sign is truly a welcome sight thanks to our Department of Public Works and a very special home-coming.  Our sea turtle is back “nesting” and poised to receive the thousands of visitors that love to pose for photos with her!

Also, Turtle Tammy has been enjoying an active season and we appreciate her regular updates and all of the volunteers who patrol our beaches for turtle tracks and nests.  To date, Georgia has 1,165 sea turtle nests and there are still two more months of nesting.  Tammy predicts we’ll see the 2,000 nests mark reached this year.  Tybee Island currently has 8 nests and there have been 15 false crawls.

The weather and the motion of the ocean has made for a more messy beach this year, but our hard-working Department of Public Works has … read more

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Live Like a Local: More Sea Turtle Nests for Tybee Island!

It’s been a busy week or so for Tybee! The last few days of May, volunteers Earnest, Pat, and Ann with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project found three sea turtle crawls! One has even been marked as a possible nest!

So far this year, Tybee Island now has four nests. Tybee has never had this many nests in May before, so hopefully this is a good sign that we will have a record sea turtle nesting season!

Find more beautiful pictures on the Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page!

Just yesterday morning, Mermaid Cottages’ own Jan and Bobby Meyer had a hand in the discovery of two crawls! There was even a report from a jogger that he had sighted a loggerhead leaving the ocean for the sand during his evening run, so the good people with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project are hoping to discover another nest soon!

To keep up with the island’s latest sea turtle news, make sure to stay tuned to our blog, and head over to follow the official Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page!

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Nest No. 2: Tybee Sea Turtles are on the Move!

There’s wonderful news on the Tybee Island sea turtle front today! Our very own Jan and Bobby Meyer (on their very first patrol!) and the hard working people with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project discovered a new nest last Thursday morning! … read more

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