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Como’s Puting On The Dog Again!


Yes, it is time once again for Cosmo to put forth his best effort and raise funds for the Nebraska Humane Society.  Twelve years ago, Cosmo himself was rescued by this organization, and so he has always been eager to help them out in return.

Cosmo's Puting On The Dog Again

Don’t let Cosmo down!  You can donate online by going to and clicking the DONATE button.   In return, Cosmo will tell everyone he meets just how wonderful you are!

Puppies, kittens, and so many more animals are counting on your help!  Any donation, no matter how small, will help an animal in need!

Thanks so much!

– Paul & Cosmo

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Paw4Vets Fundraising Success!

We had an incredible turn out last Saturday for our Paws4Vets fundraiser! If you didn’t make it, you missed a lot of fun and friendship! Saturday, January 28th, Seaside Sisters on Tybee Island totally “went to the dogs!” We gathered there to help raise money to support Paws4Vets and to help fund the training of one very special puppy. Jimmy, an 8-week old Golden Retriever puppy named after our beloved Jimmy Kelleher of Seaside Sweets, will be trained by the wonderful people at Paws4Vets to be a service dog; he will go on to be the companion of a soldier right here in the Savannah area.

Through the Paws4Vets Assistance Dog Placement Program, our Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members (or their dependents) with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or emotional disabilities can receive Psychiatric Service Dogs, Mobility Service Dogs, and Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs free of charge. All Paws4Vets Assistance Dogs are trained by federal inmates within one of five federal prisons and/or the Paws4Vets Wounded Warrior PTSD Intervention and Assistance Dog Training Program. It’s a wonderful thing, and Mermaid Cottages is proud to sponsor such a great cause!

Saturday was certainly amazing! Paws4Vets founders Kyria Henry and her veteran father, Terry Henry, other service dogs from Paws4People, and soldiers from Ft Stewart and the surrounding area with service dogs came out to celebrate and help in the effort! Mary Kay Andrews was there as well with a fresh haul of wonderful vintage lovelies in tow, and pen in hand, ready to sign books for fans. There was an amazing silent auction full of treasures on which to bid, which included, among other things, a signed copy of Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible!  Mermaid Cottages was there with our Beach Bum Biscuits and tee shirts. The proceeds from the sales of those items, as well as 10% of each purchase made in Seaside Sisters that day, went to the fundraising cause! And, to top it all off, there was a bake sale to end all bake sales. It was a wonderful day!

We were also honored to see and feature our fundraiser on their sites! Make sure to head over and read the posts. We are so excited about them!

In all, the fundraising efforts raised $1000 to help Paws4Vets! Thanks to everyone for coming out to Seaside Sisters and supporting this great cause! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Live Like a Local: Mermaids Make a Difference with Paws4Vets

Come out with Mermaid Cottages this Saturday, January 28th, 2012 and help us as we expand our Mermaids Make a Difference campaign! This coming Saturday, from 1 PM-3 PM, Mermaid Cottages and Paws4Vets will host a fund raiser at Seaside Sisters and kick off this newest addition to the Mermaids Make A Difference community service programs. Also featured at this special event will be Paws4Vets founders Kyria Henry and her veteran father, Terry Henry, other service dogs from Paws4People, and soldiers from Ft Stewart and the surrounding area with service dogs.

Through the Paws4Vets Assistance Dog Placement Program our Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members or their dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities can receive Psychiatric Service Dogs, Mobility Service Dogs and Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs, free of charge. All Paws4Vets Assistance Dogs are trained by federal inmates within one of five federal prisons and/or the Paws4Vets Wounded Warrior PTSD Intervention and Assistance Dog Training Program.

“Mermaid Cottages has always sponsored puppies to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities and we are now expanding the programs to include dogs specifically trained to serve veterans. Proceeds from the sales of our Beach Bum Biscuits and our Tee Shirts will also go towards sponsoring dogs for our veterans. We are honored to be partnering with Kyria Henry, Terry Henry, and the Paws4Vets program. We invite everyone to come out and support our veterans and their families!” ~Head Mermaid, Diane Kaufman

So come on out to Seaside Sisters Saturday and meet Jimmy, an 8-week old Golden Retriever puppy (named after our beloved Jimmy Kelleher of Seaside Sweets). This fundraiser is being held to sponsor little Jimmy’s training as a service dog for Paws4People. Funds from the sale of Beach Bum Biscuits dog treats and t-shirts go towards the sponsorship of this new furry hero, so we encourage you to shop ’til you drop for a great cause!  This little puppy will be placed as an assistance dog with a veteran or his family in the Savannah area. How exciting is that! Come be a part of something grand, stock up on some yummy dog treats for your special pooch, and honor those that fight for our country, too. See you Saturday!


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Welcome Knight, Our Newest Sponsored Guide Dog!

Sandy and Knight!

Everyone at Mermaid Cottages is excited about the news! December 3rd, our good friend Sandy picked up our newest guide dog sponsor, Knight! That’s right, the same special little guy you all helped to name. Isn’t he just the most precious little thing? There’s nothing cuter than an eight month old black lab puppy!

Knight got his name thanks to everyone voting in our Name That Puppy Poll on our Mermaid Cottages Facebook Page. We received so many wonderful names (and reasons for those names) that a poll just seemed like the best way to choose the perfect fit, and boy did you guys come through! Knight won with 62% on the vote! Knight was submitted by Rob S. from Florida in honor of a good friend that passed unexpectedly November 23 at the young age of 36. Albert Knight, Jr. gave of himself each year by participating in the Relay for Life. He continued giving after his passing through organ donation and even a donation to Locks of Love. Since childhood, Al enjoyed spending much of his time at the beach and always lived life to the fullest, as if each day was his last. And now, his name will be carried on and his memory honored through the life of Knight, our newest sponsored guide dog!

Knight seems to be making himself right at home!

Sandy tells us Knight seems to be a very sweet and calm puppy so far. He really enjoys the company of his new friends, Aldo and Tony. Aldo (on the left above) is also a guide dog, and Tony (on the right) is Sandy’s big, beautiful Golden Retriever. Tony is about 105 lbs. to Knight’s about ten, so we ought to really be able to watch Knight’s growth when he sits next to Tony! Cuteness overload!

We are so proud to welcome Knight into the Mermaid Cottages family. We just know he will live up to his name and grow up to do wonderful things as a guide dog! Remember, every time you stay with Mermaid Cottages or purchase our Beach Bum Biscuits, you help us sponsor a service or guide dog through The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and  Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program, so thank you for helping us help others!


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Name That Puppy Poll!

Well, submissions are now closed! We have really enjoyed going through all the name submissions for our newest Guide Dog sponsor pup. It was difficult, to say the least, but we have come up with our top six favorite names, and now we need your help!

Today is the day! Head on over to our Name That Puppy Poll on our Official Mermaid Cottages Facebook Page and vote for your favorite name now! Here are the names, and why they were submitted:

Curry– in memory of Chris D.’s grandfather, father, and brother, who all served in the military

Scout– in honor of Connie D.’s parents, always supportive of the Scouts and “because a good scout helps people.”

Deen– in honor of Paula Deen and family and all they do for the community.

Knight– in honor of Al Knight who passed and helped many through organ donation and donation to Locks of Love.

Kevin– in memory of Kevin Pape who was killed in service to our country in Afghanistan.

Drum– in memory of Miss Sylvia, Tybee treasure and percussionist extraordinaire.

The poll will be open for voting until November 30 at 5 p.m., so don’t wait! Sandy, our good friend and puppy care taker, is picking up the newest addition to the Mermaid Cottages Sponsored Guide Dog family December 1st, and we really want her to have something to call the little guy when she gets there.

Vote now, and tell your friends to vote as well! We can’t wait to know our newest’s addition’s name!

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BOOMER: Leaving On A Jet Plane

At Mermaid Cottages the mermaids really do make a difference…even the mer-puppies we sponsor make a difference since they are  to be trained for service as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.

Our current puppy in training is Boomer, a now 16 month old Golden Retriever.  Boomer has spent his early development under the tutelage of his “Walker”, Sandy.  Sandy, a very busy and accomplished executive, has raised and nurtured several puppies through their public socialization training and early harness skills development and now it’s time for Boomer to enter “Guide Dog College.”

By the time you read this Boomer will have boarded his flight from Orlando, FL to New York and upon completion of his studies he will be matched to a person with disabilities who is anxiously waiting this very gifted young lad.













Yes, Boomer is getting closer and closer to fulfilling his destiny.  If we could ask him what he thinks about his life of service we imagine he might even quote Lady Gaga, “I was born this way!”

Boomer is leaving on a jet plane.  His higher calling requires higher education and he’ll be trained and handled by the best.  He’s got a very important forever friend waiting for him.  He’s also got all of us wishing him well,too.

Well done, young Boomer!





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Beach Bum Biscuits:BOOMER Is Growing!

Everyone at Mermaid Cottages loves to hear from Boomer, the current puppy we sponsor for Guide Dog Training.  Boomer is now 15 months old and he’s growing into a handsome and spectacular dog.  Boomer is continuing his socialization and harness training under the supervision of Sandy, his “Walker”,  and he will soon be called back up to Guide Dog Training for his “college” curriculum.  He’s well on his way to changing forever the life of a person with disabilities.

It seems like just yesterday when we first met Boomer.  He captured our hearts the first time we met him.  Soon, he’ll help a deserving someone conquer the world!

Do you remember when Boomer first came into our lives?



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Beach Bum Biscuits: EASTER Reminds Us To Give Thanks



Today will be filled with lots of wonderful food, love and laughter and the renewal of time honored traditions we wish to pass on to our families and friends.  One tradition at Mermaid Cottages we will always honor is the opportunity to serve, to give back, to celebrate and to carry on.

Thank you to everyone who helps us sponsor puppies to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.  By staying with Mermaid Cottages and promoting Beach Bum Biscuits you help continue this tradition.  Our own Berkeley Springs recently graduated from Guide Dog School and is now paired with his Forever Friend.  They’ll have a beautiful journey together and for that we are grateful and thankful and proud!

Berkeley Springs


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Pomp and Circumstance.  Rite of Passage.  The Pinnacle of Achievement.  Graduation Day.   Fulfillment of Destiny.

Behind all the pomp lies the most important circumstance.  Unto every life a time comes when each soul is called to serve a cause that’s greater than himself or herself and it represents everything that is good and honorable in this wonderful life we share.

Behind all the pomp stand many dedicated supporters and caretakers and remarkable talents that make a difference and make their lives a testimony for achievements .  They know that what we earn is our living and what we give is our life.  They have learned that a life of service is a life best lived.

THEY are the people who make up  Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind, Inc.   has provided Guide Dogs to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.  THEY include the sponsors, the trainers, the puppy walkers and their many supporters from all across our world.

In our particular circumstance, this includes Mermaid Cottages and our commitment to sponsor Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever puppies to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.  We even have our own special Mermaid At Large, Sandy Leandro, a very busy travel and hospitality executive who is our Puppy Walker.  Sandy has raised and nurtured and socialized our latest puppies to become the best at what they do.

Recently, Sandy travelled to New York for CELEBRATION SUNDAY to attend the graduation of  Berkeley Springs, one of the dogs she
was puppy walker to and one of the puppies we sponsor.  If you’ve ever attended a milestone event for someone in your life you can appreciate the pride and love and hopes and dreams and all the emotions that swell up inside as you witness the recognition of  a worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks to Diane Kaufman and her devotion to championing the best that Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have to offer through Mermaid Cottages, Beach Bum Biscuits and the life that she lives.

In this circumstance the pomp is well deserved and we honor Berkeley Springs for achieving his Celebration Sunday and meeting his forever companion as he walks through life.  This is our celebration every day!


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Serving With Honor: TONY

One of the puppies we sponsored for Guide Dog training, Tony, is about to be paired with his new owner.  Tony has spent the first years of his life learning and training to be of service to someone in need.

Tony excelled during his first 18 months of being socialized by his “walker” where he learned proper etiquette in public.  Next, he moved up through the ranks of training and apprenticing and he’s now ready to change someone’s life forever.

Of course, this comes as no surprise to us.  You see, Tony is a namesake.  He is named to honor  and in memory of Tony Patrea, JR.  Tony was a brilliant young man from Tybee who was well known throughout the island for his citizenship, courteousness and helpfulness.  He volunteered for many Mermaid Cottages community service projects and he also loved animals dearly.

Tony Patrea, Jr made the most of his life while he was here and we know Tony, the Guide Dog, will make his mark on someone’s life just like his namesake.

We remember Tony Patrea, Jr and we honor his legacy through our Tony’s life of service!


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