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Eight Times Our Guests Turned Into Mermaids

Here are eight times our guests turned into Mermaids (and Mermen).  Splish, splash, poof and there they were.  No worries.  No stress.  No lines.  No wrinkles.  It’s as if time stood still in that perfect moment.  It’s called Tybee Time.  See for yourself.

eight times our guests turned into mermaids

Photo by Kellie Prater

“We loved our stay at The Shrimp! It was the perfect Honeymoon cottage for us. Tybee was such a relaxing place. We thoroughly enjoyed the beach, food, and people! We will definitely be returning! We loved the proximity to Savannah and the excellent Mermaid Cottages hospitality. (One example of their hospitality was that they came by our cottage and turned the lights on for us since we would be arriving … read more


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What The Shell? Let’s Go Beachy

what the shell?  let's go beachyWhat the shell?  Let’s go beachy with our décor!  Of course, we love working with our cottage owners to create that special cottage charm and you can do it, too.  Who says your home has to be right at the waters edge for you to let all shell break loose?  You might be land locked, but you go right ahead and create your own island paradise in your own home, too.  Here are a few inspirations that’ll have you going coastal in no time.

Mermaid Mona visits several beaches up and down the east coast every summer and she has a great eye for just the right items to compliment her coastal style.  She regularly shares her decorating projects and her photographs of her cottage style and here’s a beautiful tablescape she recently created.

what the shell?  let's go beachy

“The various shells were collected over time for the different beaches my husband and I visit each year.  The Mermaid-on-Piling is a… read more

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Labor Day With The Mermaids

labor day with the mermaidsAnother fabulous holiday weekend is on the way, so let us help you make plans to spend Labor Day with the Mermaids!  Starting on Friday, August 29th, the next Tybee Arts Association’s Show and Sale goes on all weekend long through Labor Day.  On Saturday, August 30th, the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center will host the Savannah Craft Brew Fest, featuring over 150 world-class brews in various beer gardens, educational sessions, live music and more.  Then, Sunday, August 31st, plan to spend the day at the beach as live music fills the air from the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion. There will be live entertainment starting at 7 p.m. and The Swingin’ Medallions will be headlining again this year.  Tybee’s famous fireworks show will pop off around 9:15 p.m. and you can see the show from anywhere on the island.  It’s always a sell out weekend, so the Mermaids want to share with you what’s still available.  Book your cottage, soon, as these won’t last long!read more

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Mermaids Make A Difference At Second Harvest

Mermaids Make A Difference T-ShirtOne of our brand standards at Mermaid Cottages is our commitment to conservation and volunteer opportunities in our area.  We put on our Mermaids Make A Difference T-shirts and Mermaid hats and we dig in to help where we’re needed.  This Saturday, February 1st, is when our Mermaids make a difference at Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.  Each month, Second Harvest volunteers pack approximately 765 boxes of food to be delivered to local senior citizens in need.  Many times, our seniors are forced to choose between refilling their prescription medications, paying utilities and buying food.

The mission of the food bank is to feed the hungry by distributing nutritious food to nonprofit agencies and at risk elderly and youth, to assist in disaster relief, and work towards long term solutions to hunger and poverty. Their statement of purpose is “Utilizing food and education to improve lives and create a Hunger-Free community”…. read more

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Mini Mermaid Getaways For July

Some of your favorite Mermaid Cottages are still available this month, so check our list and book your Mini Mermaid Getaways For July!

Tybee Island Pier

Back River Bungalow  July 27-31

Dutton-Waller Cottage  July 7/8, July 14-18

Enlisted Mens Mess Hall  July 30-August 3

Fiddler on the Creek  July 19/20

Flip Flop Cottage  July 29-August 2

Heron Hideaway  July 7-9, July 21-24 and July 29-31

Inlet Breeze  July 13/14, July 22-24

Madelyn’s on the Marsh  July 30/31

Rose’s Folie  July 31-August 2

Sea Largo  July 27/28

Shore Leave  July 28-31

Weil-Atkinson House July 25/26

Whitecaps  July 22-25


July is a great time to just get away for two or three days and Tybee Island is so much fun when everyone’s enjoying the sun, the waves, our island recreation and our fabulous seafood.  Make it a Girls’ Getaway, a Guy’s Fishing Trip, an Eco Tour, a Foodie Tour or maybe you just need a little alone time with your sweetheart.

Weil-Atkinson House

Mini Mermaid Getaways For July are so much fun and you’ll no longer be a Mermaid-In-WaitingGive us a call or book it your self online!  Gas prices are even dropping and that’s a great sign that you need this one-tank trip getaway!  We’ll leave the keys in the lockbox and the porch light on.  All you have to bring is your love of the beach!


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Mermaid Limbo: Lower Fall Prices

It’s that time of year, again!  We’re enjoying Mermaid Limbo with Lower Fall Prices!  Just how low will we go?

Mermaid Limbo: Lower Fall Prices

Heron Hideaway

If you’ve never been to Tybee Island, now’s a great time to try us out!  Maybe you’ve always wanted to stay in a special cottage, but the cost has been a little above your budget.  Well, the summer beach crowds are gone and all you have to do is come experience our Cottage Charm and Coastal Calm.  Prices are always lower in the off-season and everybody gets a discount!… read more

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Mermaid Sighting: Mary Kay’s Merman

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we mentioned mermen being few and far between as far as sightings go? Well, color us wrong! Mary Kay Andrews has done it again! Just look at this sighting…

How fabulous is that! NeptuneTriton? Whether you prefer your ocean gods Roman, Greek or otherwise just doesn’t matter…he’s magnificent! Thanks so much for sharing Mary Kay! He’s fabulous!

Have you spotted a mermaid? Well, we’d love to hear about it! Send your sightings and stories to Your sighting could be the next featured right here on our blog! We can’t wait to see what you’ve found!

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Mermaid Sighting: Sweet Handmade Mermaids

There’s nothing sweeter than a new baby. Of course, we mean any baby around here…puppies, sea turtles, but this particular time, we mean human babies! Doesn’t everyone has a soft spot for infant photography? Of course, and new parents are always looking for unique ways to capture those fleeting moments. Well, when we came across this sighting from, and we just melted!

The beautiful work of Alisha adorable!

Isn’t that gorgeous!? And handmade at that! This is the work of the super talented Alisha Martin, and you can find this beautiful work and more in her Etsy shop, Alisha May Creations. Not only does she crochet these beautiful pieces by hand herself, her shop is full of photography props and accessories just perfect for new parents looking for that special touch for their photo shoot.

Handmade perfection from Alisha May Creations on Etsy!

This newborn mermaid outfit is hand made of soft acrylic yarn, and Alisha also makes them custom, to your color and size! How wonderful is that? Make sure you head over to Alisha May Creations and browse through all the magical goodies. They are all amazing, but of course, our absolute favorite is this darling mermaid! Five stars, Alisha! Beautiful work!

Alisha has also been so kind as to offer anyone reading this post a coupon code for 15% off the total purchase! Just enter the code “favorite” when you check out! Thanks Alisha!

Have you seen a mermaid? We’d love to hear about it! Please send your mermaid sightings and stories to and keep your eyes peeled…you sighting could be the next one featured right here on our blog!

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Mermaid Sighting: The Elusive Merman!

Mermaid Cottages loves seeing mermaid sightings from anywhere and everywhere! We love them all…but we do notice one thing. Most of our sightings tend to me female. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that (mermaids are gorgeous!), but when we get the chance to see a merMAN, well, we get super excited about that!

Mermen tend to be even more elusive than their lovely maiden counterparts, so when we received this sighting, we knew we were in for a treat! First off, our favorite author, Mary Kay Andrews, sent in the sighting! Second? Well, she spotted an elusive merman!!!

Sighting of an elusive merman, from Mary Kay Andrews!

He looks ready to party, too, doesn’t he? Martini anyone? How dapper! Thanks so much for sharing, Mary Kay. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a merman, and you certainly found a good looking fellow!

Have you seen a mermaid or merman? They are everywhere, if you know where to look! If you have a sighting you’d like to share, please send it to us at Then, keep an eye out, your sighting might be the nest featured right here on our blog!

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Mermaid Sighting: The Mertailor

We believe everyone at some point in their lives has dreamed of being a mermaid. Oh yes, you you fella out there! Well, no you can, thanks to The Mertailor!

If you have ever wanted to don  a tail and become part of the mystical, magical world of the mermaid, look no further! Check out for all things mermaid! Follow them on a magical underwater adventure of your own and check out the company’s custom made, wearable mermaid tails. These tails are created from quality silicone, latex, and spandex and can actually be used for swimming. One of these beauties is bound to set you on your way to becoming the mermaid you truly are on the inside! Just look at all these amazing mermaids!

The Mertailor isn’t just tails, either. They offer loads of unique mermaid accessories to go along with your tail…even beautiful jewelry! Make sure you check our their website and browse all the offerings. It’s definitely a mermaid’s dream-come-true!

Have you seen a mermaid lately? Well, we’d sure love to hear about it! Drop us a line with your pictures and stories at and keep an eye out. Your sighting could be the next one featured right here on our blog!



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