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Tybee Cottage Swoons: Will It Go Round In Circles

crabby pirate sun at mermaid cottagesMermaids (and mermen) adore the details that make up our Tybee cottage swoons.  Will It Go Round In Circles has us thinking about our love of décor, architecture and the little surprises peeking out from our little color boxes. Circles are frequently used as sun symbols and as representing things associated with the sun.  Likewise, circles can also signify unity, wholeness and infinity.  We just love how circles frame up the best features of our Tybee tiny houses.  They’ve got us all wrapped up with hugs and here are some of our favorites.

A Mermaid’s Tale circa 1950

A Mermaid's Tale circa 1950You had us at first sight of this screened door.  Doesn’t this just say, “All who enter here are welcome…”?  Inside, you’ll find two wonderful master suites and a spacious, open living and dining area!

Tybee Twins

tybee cottage swoons: will it go round in circles

You’ll see the light with this oyster shell chandelier overhead.  It’s just one of the charming details you’ll find in this pet friendly, three bedroom, three bath charmer.

Fish Camp Cottage circa 1924

tybee cottage swoons: will it go round in circles

Come now.  Just how cute and fun can an outdoor shower be?  Well, just reach up  and grab the shower curtain attached to the semi-circular frame.  Say “swoosh” as you close off all of your worries and cares from the outside and wash away your troubles.  Guests love this light, cheerful cottage!  It comes with a screened porch, fenced-in yard, and partial marsh views from the back deck and the porch!

Madelyn’s on the Marsh circa 1940

Madelyn's on the Marsh circa 1940Can polka dots make you happy?  You bet they can.  Especially, when they dot the shutters and the outside shower of this cottage on the marsh.  Just wait ’til your eyes light up and the corners of your mouth turn up.  That’s what’ll happen when you watch the amazing sunrises and sunsets here.tybee cottage swoons: will it go round in circlesOur favorite circles?  Yep, you guessed it.  The smiling, round faces of our guests who celebrate their love of Mermaid Cottages, Tybee Island and for each other.  We are family.  Circle back around and create some cottage swoons you’ll never forget.

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Which One Is Your Tybee?

which one is your tybeeThough only about three miles long, our little barrier island comes with lots of living.  From north beach to mid island, to the south end and the Back River, which one is your Tybee?  There’s the quiet of the north end among the historic homes along Officers Row, Fort Screven and the Lighthouse.  There are the cute little color boxes of cottages lined up in a row throughout the middle of the island.  Stress and worries seem to drop off as you round the south end after a day of shopping, pier watching and dining throughout downtown Tybee.  Kayaks line up like rainbows as Eco Tour boat captains load up their passengers and paddle boarders strike Yoga poses from the Back River launches.  It’s a wonderful place, but sometimes we just have our favorites, don’t we?

The Shrimp circa 1962: Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1.5 Sleeps: 5 Pets: None

which one is your tybee

This hypoallergenic cottage is a ground level retreat with a gorgeous screened porch.  Here, you’re just three blocks to the beach.  Guests love to stroll through Memorial Park, which includes Tybee’s favorite children’s playground.

Sandy Toes Cottage Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Sleeps: 8 Pets: Dogs

which one is your tybee

This adorable single story cottage is just filled with vintage charm! It’s pet-friendly with a fenced-in yard and an outdoor shower, to boot!  You’ll love being only four blocks to the beach!

Paula Deen’s Savannah Beach House Y’all Come Inn Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2.5 Sleeps: 8 Pets: None

which one if your tybee

Paula’s personal beach retreat is available for your Girls Getaways, Bro Time Fishing Trips, Family Reunions and Grand Adventures with your grands!  A stay here includes a special selection of Paula Deen goodies for you to try, a personalized cookbook from Paula and VIP reservations for dining at The Lady & Sons restaurant.

Heron Hideaway Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2.5 Sleeps: 8 Pets: None

which one is your tybee

How does amazing marsh views and being just five short blocks from the beach sound?  Here, the third floor screened porch offers incredible views of the marsh.  This is a perfect location for bird watching and dolphin frolicks after feedings.  Guests love that there’s plenty of space to spread out, making it very delightful for families!

which one is your tybee

We’ve still more great cottages sprinkled from north to south and to all points in between.  Which one is your Tybee?  Maybe you just need to try them all and then decide!

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All My Romance Needs Is You

all my romance needs is youEver catch yourself thinking, “All my romance needs is you…”?  Thinking of that someone special you wish would come along and set the fairy tale in motion?  Sometimes, it may feel as if you’re talking to the walls.  Does the universe ever listen?  Who’s gonna rock your cosmic aura and bring you the moon and the stars?  Well, you won’t find him or her while you’re sulking alone in your bedroom.  If you’re gonna talk to the walls, why not make it all fancy schmancy with ruffles and lace and beachy colors and textures that long to be caressed?  You gotta get out there and ring your bell.  If you don’t think you’re a big deal… why would anyone else think so, either?  It’s time … read more

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