It’s A Love Thing On Tybee Island

It’s a love thing on Tybee Island.  February is here and that’s when the love darts start flying all over.  Kissy faces and goo-goo eyes fit right in with barefoot beach strolls and hand holding with the one you love.  Here are 15 ways Valentine’s Day is even more special when you celebrate it here in a happy little house by the sea.

1.  Enjoy the water.  Take a dip.  Enjoy a sip.  Become a Mermaid.

tybee island mermaid crop
Shop for vintage signs and wares at Seaside Sisters.

2. Sparkle a plenty. Light up and smile.

The upstairs chandelier at Mermaid Manor circa 1935.

3.  Light a candle.  Smell the flowers.  Set the mood.

the best things in life are free on tybee island
One of the porches at Whispering Palms Cottage.

4. Head out for an eco adventure that’s sure to hit the spot.

get schooled on our tybee cool
Photo by Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

5. Go the distance and put in the effort.

fifth annual coastal empires surfers for autism festival
Horsepen Creek Cottage & Dock circa 1949

6. Give them something to talk about.  Sit outside under a blue chandelier.

fifth annual coastal empires surfers for autism festival
Blues Away Cottage circa 1955

7. Feather your Love Nest.  Kevin & Layla of The Lettered Cottage created this special boudoir.

screened inn circa 1929
Screened Inn circa 1929

8. Seas the day.  Get out and soak up our island atmosphere.

which one is your tybee
Photo by Roxanne Lark

9.  Stop and admire all the colors of a rainbow.

evp pro beach volleyball
Rose’s Folie circa 1936

10. Marsh to your own beat.  Show times daily.

tybee bun warmers
Photo by Leigh Anne Lanier Poteete

11. Overture, curtains, lights. This is it, the night of nights. Take in a live show or a movie.  Set the mood.

a funny thing happened
Tybee Post Theater

12. Sit under a tree.  K-i-s-s-i-n-g…

tybee's back side
The tree swing at Dutton-Waller Cottage circa 1938

13. Put the lime in the coconut.  Spice things up with cottage charm and island colors.

Key Lime Parrot by Susan McElroy Underwood
Key Lime Parrot circa 1936

14. Communicate.  Indulge in a little pillow talk.

Y'all Come Inn Some More
Paula Deen’s Y’all Come Inn

15. Up your “A” game. Turn your Tybee Island stay into a Davenport Soiree.

dh soiree tixYes, it’s a love thing on Tybee Island.  Our collection of happy houses by the sea is filled with cottage charm and coastal calm.  You’ll love our beautiful and historic island and we’ll love that you came.

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