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22 Tybee Island Doors That Knock Us Out

These are 22 Tybee Island doors that knock us out. Our collection features vintage and historical cottages, but they’re definitely not old and stuffy. They’re happy little houses near the sea and each has a soul of its own.  The eyes are the windows into the soul and these doors are your invitation into our cottage charm and coastal calm.  Knock. Knock.  Who’s there?

Green is the color of balance and growth and emotes self reliance.

Castaway Cottage circa 1950

castaway cottageJust Beachy Cottage circa 1967     

just beachy cottageOld Love circa 1935

old love cottage

The Shrimp circa 1962

The lime green Tybee Island door at The Shrimp Cottage

Whispering Palms circa 1925

whispering palms front doorYellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful.

Fish Camp Cottage circa 1950

fish camp cottageMimosa Cottage circa 1964

mimosa cottageCoastal Joy

The yellow Tybee Island door at Coastal Joy CottageBack River Bungalow

The yellow Tybee Island door at Back River BungalowThe color meaning of turquoise is communication and clarity of mind.

Maddie’s on Jones circa 1940

The lovely turquoise door at Maddie's on Jones CottageSeafoam Shanty circa 1940

The turquoise Tybee Island door at Seafoam Shanty CottageRed is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination.

Nora’s Cottage circa 1940

The red Tybee island door at Nora's Cottage

Orange is the color of social communication and optimism.

Blues Away Cottage circa 1958

We love this orange Tybee Island door at Blues Away CottageGray is the color of compromise.

A Shore Thing circa 1949

a shore thing cottageBlue Heron circa 1940

blue heron cottage

Purple is the color of the imagination.

Canty’s Cottage circa 1957

The purple Tybee Island door at Canty's CottageBlue is the color of trust and peace and it suggests loyalty and integrity.

Fish Tales Cottage

The blue Tybee Island door at Fish Tales Cottage

Sandy Toes Cottage

The Tybee Island door at Sandy Toes CottageWhite is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection.

Key Lime Parrot circa 1936

key lime parrot cottage

On A Whim circa 1910

on a whim cottage

Rose’s Folie Cottage circa 1939

roses folie cottage

Sanford’s Place Cottage circa 1930

sanfords place cottage has a beautiful white Tybee Island door.

Finding a true color for a door is a great way to enhance curb appeal.  It’s also a pleasing way to prepare us for the love we’ll find inside. These are 22 Tybee Island doors that knock us out. We can hardly wait for you to choose your next Mermaid Cottage so you can share in the excitement of opening that door for the first time.  Make your next reservation conveniently on our website or call our Mermaid on Duty for assistance at 912.704.4618.  Knock. Knock.  We’re always be here.

2 thoughts on “22 Tybee Island Doors That Knock Us Out”

  1. Stephen Guetherman

    Just finished reading some of your blogs. I was wondering how you got started doing these. They were interesting and shared quite a bit of historical info. Thank you for painting our little piece of heaven in such a great light.

  2. Ahoy, Stephen! Thank you for enjoying our blogs. Each cottage has its own soul and once you get to know them they begin to share their history and their charm with little coaxing!

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