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Tybee Island Motorized Cart Rules

Motorized Cart Rules For Tybee Island

Motorized cart rules for Tybee Island have been announced. Golf carts are a convenient way to navigate Tybee Island for both our residents and visitors. Make sure you are up-to-date on the current regulations and permissible roadways for the best and safest experience!

No motorized cart may be permitted to operate on Highway 80/ Butler Avenue.
Carts may only cross at Highway 80/ Butler Avenue at these designated locations:

  • Highway 80/Butler Avenue at locations south of Park of 7 Flags
  • At the traffic-controlled intersection of 14th Street and Highway 80/ Butler Avenue
  • At the traffic-controlled intersection of Campbell Avenue and Highway 80
  • At the traffic-controlled intersection of Jones Avenue and Highway 80

Motorized carts that are appropriately registered and operated are allowed on all streets of the city except Highway 80/ Butler Avenue as stated above.
Do Not Drive on the Bike/Pedestrian Pathway in Memorial Park.

Rose's Folie Cottage
Rose’s Folie circa 1939


  • Every motorized cart must be inspected annually and registered with the Tybee Island Police Department
  • Carts must display the numbered registration sticker (T-sticker) on the bottom left of the windshield. Sticker is a one-time cost of $15.
  • The following operational lights are required: headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and top-mounted amber/yellow, flashing/rotating lights
  • Carts must have a horn and seatbelts
  • The cart’s maximum speed capability must not exceed 20 miles per hour, otherwise, it is not considered a golf cart


  • Operation on sidewalks is prohibited
  • Operators must comply with all traffic regulations applicable to regular traffic
  • Only licensed drivers 16 years or older with minimum insurance of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 in liability may operate a motorized cart. Proof of insurance must be shown at registration and kept in the cart

All parking regulations must be observed, including the following:

  • Parking must be paid for via meter, ParkTYB app, or decal
  • At current rates, parking decals, cart inspections, and T-Numbers may be obtained at the South Annex, 1509 Strand Avenue (across from the pier). Free parking permits provided to local taxpayers are not supplied for motorized carts
  • If renting a golf cart, parking passes may already be installed by the company.
The Pampered Pelican
The Pampered Pelican


Motorized cart rules have been announced for Tybee Island.  Enjoy the convenience and the perks with your next stay with Mermaid Cottages.

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