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National Leave Your Car at Home Day!


Today is “National Leave Your Car at Home Day” and as usual little ole Tybee is ahead of the rest of the world! We always encourage our visitors and guests to park their car and ride bikes for everything you want to do while on Tybee. Bike riding- and remeber we’re talking those good old fashioned big seat beach bikes- is the absolute best way to not only be “green” and save on those crazy gas prices, but also get exercise and see Tybee at her best. Some of our recent guests sent us pictures of their bike riding AND taking that afternoon nap on the porch after a long morning of bike riding! And don’t forget if you want to rent bikes, call or email our favorite bike man Tim O’Neill for everything you need. He delivers right to your front door!

Sea Turtle Season is Here!

We love our sea turtles! SeaTurtle Nest season has begun on Tybee ( and the entire Georgia Coast) and we’re looking foward to a record year. Several types of sea turtles nest on Tybee, Loggerhead Turtles have already arrived on other Georgia Sea islands and we’re looking foward to our first nests here soon!
Several of our team joining in the 2008 Tybee Turtle Trot to help raise money for the sea turtle project. This is our picture before we walked three miles on the beach to raise money. Mermaid Cottages also sponosored a Life Size Turtle which sits in front of the Tybee Marine Science Center and this is what we’re sitting in front of.
For more details on what you can do to encourage more nests on Tybee, or to sponsor a egg or nest, go to and then go to Sea Turtle Project.
We’ll keep everyone updated when we have our first nest!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to everyone! Here is a great story from Skirt Magazine ( which is one of the best publications out there for everyone- not just women!

This was written by a woman who’s fiance broke up with her a few months prior to the wedding and rather then give up the honeymoon cruise, she took her mom. Here’s the paragraph I loved:

“We drank too much. We ate too much. We wandered around the various ports of call taking countless pictures. We made friends we’d never see again. Our room looked like a circus; every souvenir we bought decorated it- scarves, festival masks, candle holders. We slept, peaceful, with the balcony door open to hear the sea, we woked gently in time for the start of our day’s agenda. We bought mango margaritas and wish we’d bought more. My mom had her hair braided by the corn row lady. When we returned home, my mom said she knew I’d be fine because like everything in life sometimes, it’s about putting one foot ahead of the other, slow and easy and sometimes wearing flip flops and corn rows in your hair – until you can start to run again. “

Great advice from a smart mom …. and the author is a happy newly wed- this time with the right guy who showed up in her life!