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2012 Beach Bum Biscuits Collection By Fifi Flowers

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The new 2012 Beach Bum Biscuits Note Card Collection has been revealed by Fifi Flowers, our tres chic artiste friend with a Parisian flair!  These extraordinary collectible note cards feature the winners of Fifi’s dog photos contest.  These cards are a great way to put a special touch to your next letter or thank-you note. You could even frame them and they make great souvenirs or gifts, too. The new collection will soon be available at Seaside Sisters, the best little shorehouse on Tybee Island! …

How’s Your Penmanship?

I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…and pretend that it came from you…

…and I’m gonna write it on a Mermaid Cottages Note Card  from the new collection by the fabulous Fifi Flowers!  There’s the new cottage collection and the always wonderful pet collection and Fifi’s wonderful, whimsical calendars to mark off the days until your next visit to Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island. …

Hey There, Calendar Girl!

A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous! quote by THE Coco Chanel.

Friend of Mermaid Cottages, Miss Janice over at Social Graces…Southern Style, wrote the cutest blog post about her famous Yorkie, Coco Chanel.
Coco was one of the gorgeous pooches chosen to be featured in the upcoming Beach Bum Biscuits note card collection by the always Fabulous Fifi Flowers!
Mlle Coco says, “Moi is so honored to be chosen  and am humbled by the outpouring of love and support from my family and friends!”
Proceeds from the Fifi Flowers Beach Bum Biscuits  pet notecard collection sponsor and support puppies to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.
It’s not unusual to hear the words Priss Pot Diva and Coco in the same sentence, but we say you are a Divine Diva, darling Coco!