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Valentine’s Day

It’s A Love Thing On Tybee Island

It’s a love thing on Tybee Island.  February is here and that’s when the love darts start flying all over.  Kissy faces and goo-goo eyes fit right in with barefoot beach strolls and hand holding with the one you love.  Here are 15 ways Valentine’s Day is even more special when you celebrate it here in a happy little house by the sea.

1.  Enjoy the water.  Take a dip.  Enjoy a sip.  Become a Mermaid.

tybee island mermaid crop
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2. Sparkle a plenty. Light up and smile. …

Love For Sale: Mermaid Cottages, Valentines and Yard Sales

Love For Sale! Love For Sale! Hey, it’s time for Valentine’s Day and the Tybee Island Yard Sale! It you don’t have romance in your life, come buy some! Tybee Island has Love For Sale!
Love For Sale: Mermaid Cottages, Valentine's Day and Yard Sales

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and we’ve got love nests, romantic hideaways and heart happy cottages just waiting for you! …