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What You Can Do To Help Our Island Environment When You Visit Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island


Save Electricity

* Slay “Vampire Power” by turning off all lights, TVs, DVDs & computers when not in use

* Use the outdoor clothesline to dry your clothes (they smell good too!)

* Open the windows turn on the ceiling fans and enjoy the ocean breezes!

* Use Cold, not Hot in the washing machine

* Draw your curtains/blinds during the heat of the day

Save Fuel and Drive Less

* Walk, ride bikes, rent scooters or electric cars!

* Save gas and have more fun — Tybee is better enjoyed moving SLOW!


* Clean plastic containers, cans, newspapers: use the home’s blue recycling container (glass and styrofoam are not currently accepted for recycling)

* Plastic bag recycling locations: Chu’s on Inlet, T.S. Chu’s Department Store, City Hall, Tybee IGA Market, TIPD, & YMCA

* Aluminum cans:  Join Mermaid Cottages in collecting aluminum cans to support Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers. Proceeds help fund beach cleaning equipment and litter education. Collection location is off of Butler Ave. between 14th and 15th. Enter the service area between the Sandcastle Inn and Hotel Tybee and look for the banner and cage.

Reduce, Reuse

* Take your own bags to the grocery store

* Use Dish Cloths and cloth napkins and less paper products

Conserve Water

* While brushing teeth, turn water off, and use a cup of water to cleanse mouth of toothpaste

* Use dishwasher only when completely full with dirty dishes

* Take shorter showers with tepid water

What Mermaid Cottages Is Doing To Help Our Island Environment

* Installing Compact Fluorescent light bulbs in all of our homes

* Lo-flow water-saving devices are installed in all bathrooms and outdoor showers

* All our cleaning products are eco-friendly

* Energy audits for all our homes to see how we can save more energy

* Planting drought resistant and local plants to help conserve water

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