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Pet-Friendly, Yes We Are!

Mermaid Cottages has always been pet-friendly with many of our homes welcoming pets. Of all descriptions!  We’ve welcomed birds, turtles, pet goldfish, in addition to the many dogs and cats who’ve come to stay with us.


Tybee Island beaches are NOT pet-friendly.  However, many restaurants and shops on Tybee love to welcome pets.

We believe very strongly in giving back.  There are several ways we give back to the animal community.  We support local and regional animal rescue groups including fostering, both financially and through volunteering.  Many mermaids on our team take part in foster and adoption programs as well as volunteering at special events for these rescue groups.  Part of our proceeds from every rental go to our annual sponsorship of  Southeastern Guide Dogs, The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, and a non-profit organization, One Love Animal Rescue.

Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program

Your stay with Mermaid Cottages will continue the efforts to support Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program, which make it possible for disabled individuals to realize their independence through the use of a service dog. These programs also assist returning soldiers soldiers with a variety of needs including post traumatic stress disorder.

The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Your stay with Mermaid Cottages will also support The Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind. Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.

One Love Animal Rescue



One Love Animal Rescue, Inc. of Savannah, GA is a non-profit organization helps abandoned, neglected, abused, and unwanted pets in the Savannah, GA area by partnering with shelters, rescue groups and the community to facilitate adoption of these animals into permanent and loving homes. One Love has no paid staff members and work primarily on donations from local and regional animal lovers who support our rescue mission.


Mermaid Cottages Beach Bum Biscuits

Beach Bum Biscuits Dog TreatsAll of our pet guests are welcomed with goodies from Mermaid Cottages.  Our pet guests receive their very own dog tags to wear during their stay with us and are welcome to take them back home as a special thank you for visiting us.  Also, each home is stocked with our very own Beach Bum Biscuits, a special tasty treat we are sure will make them feel right at home! Anyone can take home their very own bag of Beach Bum Biscuits by purchasing them from Tybee Island’s local gift shop, Sea Side Sisters.

Service Animals are never charged a pet fee while staying at one of our cottages.

43 thoughts on “Pet-Friendly, Yes We Are!”

  1. Hello, we are hoping to go to Tybee in sept. we have a 6 lb yorkie that is our child :>) what do you charge for her to come with us. thanks Lorna

  2. Cheryl Sherburne

    We are looking for a one or two bedroom, pet friendly, cottage for two weeks in mid Sept.

  3. David Barwick

    Ahoy, Cheryl!

    Mermaid Denise ( will email you with options. In the meantime, please view our collection online at

    At your service!
    Mermaid Cottages
    Social Media Services

  4. Had hoped to rent a Mermaid Cottage to visit Tybee with my dog. Very disappointed to learn dogs are not allowed anywhere on Tybee Beach, with a fine of $290 for violators. You Tybee folks need to change that. Edisto Island, another favorite vacation spot, is very dog friendly. Will be glad to visit Tybee again (I grew up in Savannah) when my dog is welcome.

  5. We have just returned from vacationing, with our two dogs, to Edisto Island. We would have chosen Tybee, as it is our favorite, had our dogs been allowed on the beach. I agree with Jan that not allowing dogs on the beach is a disappointment and needs to be changed.

  6. Hello! We do travel with our two furbabies. We also have one handicapped adult who does not do too well with A LOT of stairs. One more requirement is that we travel in a very short, 23 foot RV (this is where our furbabies stay when we go to restaurants and shopping). Would love to see ALL of your pet friendly cottages and suggestions of which ones, if any, would be good for a handicapped adult and parking for our short RV.

  7. Hey all- We’re looking for a 2-3 bedroom rental for 2 people and 2 dogs for the entire month of March, 2016. Please send any available listings. This will be our 4th March spent on Tybee, and we can’t wait to get there! Thank you!

  8. Cottage or on do on beach pet friendly house broke NEVER left alone 1-2 bedroom, 2 seniors retired military and FBI. Please e mail info with TOTAL price 1 week any time from Oct-thru March 1 week Discount for Military or senior? Must have beach view

  9. Ahoy, Teddie!

    We’re happy to help plan your visit to beautiful and historic Tybee Island! Please email your request to This way our Mermaid-on-Duty can take personal ownership of your request and help you select just the right cottage for your getaway!

    You’ll love our cottage charm and coastal calm!
    Mermaid Cottages

  10. hello mermaid on duty.
    Can you find for me, a small happy place with a view of the sea? I need a few months of R and R and vit Sea to heal my mermaid self.
    Oct 10 thru december. 3 monhs.
    Or oct. 10 … Until just before thanksgiving. ( i could be out thanksgivi g , if u are booked) then back again and leave christmas if it’s booked.
    Pet friendly please. MOlly must come .
    We need wifi amd i need to be able to walk to a coffee shop to visit and eat.
    Thanking you in advance. Jorgina
    ( no car)

  11. You say you’re pet friendly. How pet friendly are you?
    Is there a weight limit for the dogs welcome there?
    Is there a limit to the number of dogs you allow per room?
    Are there fees for bringing my dog/dogs?

  12. Ahoy, Staci!

    We just love when our pet guests bring along their well-behaved humans. Our sale team will be in touch to answer all of your questions and to help plan your pet friendly getaway!

  13. Ahoy, Trina!

    We’re so sorry we did not receive your request in time for the 4th of July weekend. We are currently sold out, so we hope you’ll keep us in mind the next time you’re in our area!

  14. Hello,
    My husband and I are looking for a long term rental starting in February and ending in May. We would prefer ocean front with 2-3 bedrooms. Would you please let us know if you have availability and pricing.
    Kind regards,

  15. We’re looking for a 1 or 2 BR, pet-friendly place for Christmas weekend, preferably ocean front. 12/22 through 12/27.

  16. Ahoy, Cindy!

    Christmas is a wonderful time for a pet friendly getaway! Our Mermaid of the Day will be in touch to help you select just the right cottage for you. In the meantime, please look at Enlisted Mens Mess Hall, Fun In The Sun, Just Beachy, Sea Largo, and Seawinns. We look forward to seeing you at Christmas!

  17. Hi,
    Just a suggestion to help those of us traveling with our Fur Babies. Could you list the pet friendly cottages separately from the rest? It would really help the process in trying to pick which cottage to rent.
    We were on Tybee Island last March – we rented the Enlisted Mens Mess hall cottage. It was really nice but had we known that the road was a well traveled road by bikers, walkers etc. we would have rented a different cottage. Our dogs were running back & forth – curious as to all the “visitors”. There are also a lot of cats running around the neighborhood. Which is kind of ironic because we can’t walk our dogs on a leash on the beach but you can let your cats run free. Tybee Island really should look into changing the law. So called pet friendly – why not put a time frame on “no pets on the beach”. Why can’t we walk on the beach before 9 am and then again after dinner time? Post signs about hefty fines for those that don’t clean up after their dogs.
    We will definitely be back again. Just disappointed about the beach rule.

  18. Hi, Sue Sometimes we have rentals that are available in the off season (winter), but not this time of year. Most people find Tybee long term rentals on Craig’s List.

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