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AARP Discounts


Mermaid Cottages is pleased to offer a 5% discount to AARP members throughout the year. When making your reservation, simply enter the promo code: AARP. This discount is valid on any of our cottages, and most are pet friendly. We know how hard you’ve worked your entire adult life and we want you to come and enjoy some Tybee Time!

25 thoughts on “AARP Discounts”


    I am planning a Girl Trip to Tybee on May 7-11. We are seniors, but we love to travel and explore. Don’t have a head count yet. Will be considering your cottages as a possibility. Chris

  2. Ahoy, Christine!

    YES! Y’all simply must come! We are so excited to help plan your adventures! I’m sending this over to our sale team now and we’ll be happy to assist you!

  3. Looking for a nice updated beachfront cottage for 10 people. Possibly a four or five bedroom & 4 baths. Was referred to you by our Great-Niece. Need it for the week of June 17-23 or June 24-30. We have AARP.We would appreciate your help in finding something.

  4. Ahoy, Gayanne!

    Thank you for your inquiry! We’re sending this over to our Mermaid on Duty and she’ll email you with her recommendations!

  5. Seeking a no step or one step small dog (8lb Maltese-Tigger)
    2 bd/ cottage late fall day around Sept/Oct
    APPROXIMATE costs involved and prefer too to be close
    to food/etc

  6. Ahoy, Doug!

    Thank you for your inquiry! Our Mermaid on Duty will pull together her recommendations and then she will email them to you. We love when our pet guests bring along their well-behaved humans, so get ready for a wonderful Tybee Island getaway!

  7. Our group of six ladies are looking for a beachfront five or six bedroom, three or four bath. We are looking for the week of August 18-25, 2018. We have AARP. We love the Mermaid Cottages and want to make Tybee our next vacation destination.

    Thank you!

  8. Ahoy, Gina!

    This will be a wonderful Girls Getaway! I’m sending this over to our Mermaid of the Day and she will assist you in choosing just the right cottage for your visit! We can hardly wait!

  9. My best friend who lives in Savannah will have just had knee replacement surgery and we haven’t seen one another in a few years so I wanted to come visit and help her relax and recoup. She lives there but wants to get away from the chaos of boys at home. Your cottages were highly recommended by my best friends Lori Cumberledge and Cookie McQuaig; as you know, it has been five months since Lori passed and I know Cookie came to Tybee as it was their favorite place to celebrate her life with her family. If you could connect me with Jan, I think her name is, I’d like to reserve the smallest and least expensive cottage for two. Dates are flexible for the most part for 4 nights during early October. Thank you!

  10. Ahoy, Lucy! What a wonderful and gracious friend you are! I’ll get this right over to the Mermaid on Duty and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

  11. I am looking for a 2 bedroom/2 bath for 2 couples arriving on March 15th and leaving on the 18th. I am an AARP member


  12. I am retired and would love to spend a couple of weeks to a month on Tybee, as I spent last December and January there. I would be interested in a mermaid cottage if you have any available?
    Thank you.

  13. Hi, Barbara! I’m sending your request over to our Mermaid of the Day and she’ll contact you with more information. Thank you!

  14. Hey, Donna! So sorry to be so late in responding, but our Mermaid on Duty will follow up with information on what’s available ASAP. Thank you!

  15. 5 college friends been having trips since ‘70 & most turning 70 years young-dates- oct 8 ,2018 for approx a week-
    Beachfront & jacuzzi desires
    Coming from all directions from calif to Key West to Maine &New York
    Comfortable & cozy & also interested in having food catered( just don’t feel like cooking….

  16. Ahoy, Reen! Happy Birthdays all around! Our Mermaids will be more than happy to make this happen. I’m sending your info over to our Mermaid on Duty and she’ll get to work for you. We can hardly wait! Thank you, David (Social Media Services)

  17. I worded my first message wrong. There are four of us that wish to rent a cottage. We will arrive on March 21 and leave on March 25. Please let me know what you have in a two bedroom cottage. Thank you,Celia Becko

  18. if you already booked is it too late to get a discount? I thought I asked about it and was told they didn’t do discounts but maybe not.

  19. Hey, Patty! The Mermaid on Duty will check on your reservation and get back to you ASAP. Thank you for asking!

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