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Pet Friendly on Tybee Island

Information About Bringing Pets to Mermaid Cottages

We love dogs, and many of our cottages are dog-friendly (sorry, only dogs!). Please check the cottage listings to determine which of our homes allow dogs.

Mermaid Cottages Pet Policies and Island Rules for Dogs:

  • Barking: The Tybee Island Noise Ordinance includes dogs barking. The fine is $300 per incident, and the city will fine you if any of the neighbors complain of the noise. Please be very aware of this ordinance.
  • Pet Fee for Mermaid Cottages is $100 for up to two dogs ($100 for each additional dog).
  • Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds.
  • Please clean up any pet “poo” in the yard.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when walked.
  • Crates– if you are bringing puppies, we do ask you to crate when you are not home, or at the very least do not let them have the run of the home.
  • Flea and tick protection : fleas are here on Tybee in full force, so please be sure your pets are current on their flea protection medicine.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach, and again– the city will fine you if you are caught. $300 per dog.

The Tybee Dog Park:
There are now TWO Tybee dog parks! Be sure to check out the Tybee Dog Park information and rules before you go.

Remember — Dogs are not allowed on Tybee’s beaches!