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Mermaid Sighting: Siren’s Call

This week’s Mermaid Sighting is Siren’s Call Wine and it was sent in by Ro from Jackson, SC!

Mermaid Sightings:Siren's Call Wine


“Follow the call of the siren and you will find us.  A wine inspired by the melodies of Greek mythology’s most  alluring seductress.  A wine cultured from notes of sophistication an unquestionable beauty.  A wine that answers a call.  This is our wine.  This is Siren’s call.”

We love this beautifully branded and illustrated wine bottle design!

“Like the sailor-seducing mermaids of Greek mythology, Siren’s Call draws in wine drinkers with its alluring design and robust flavours. Hand-drawn illustrations and typography highlighted with cream and flecks of gold make for a truly tempting wine no mortal can resist.”

As we like to say, it doesn’t matter to us if the glass is half full or half empty…All that matters is there’s room for more wine!  Thank you, Ro!  We love your Mermaid Sighting and Siren’s Call.  Remember, mermaids (and mermen) are everywhere.  If you spot one, send it to us and you could be featured in an upcoming Mermaid Sighting!

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