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David Barwick

rain porches and mermaid cottages

Rain Porches And Mermaid Cottages

Rain Porches and Mermaid Cottages go together like cottage charm and coastal calm. The slanted roofs that hang out over them do serve a purpose.  They help protect our happy little homes by the sea from wind and rain and their designs help the overhangs adjust to the dampness and the humidity. No matter their functional aspects, it’s the very calming and romantic serenades they produce with the rain that makes them so desirable and enjoyable.  Porches with ceiling fans and screened additions help extend our porch-sitting season and when these roofs shield us from the wind and direct the rain away from our rockers and swings the tunings of the rainfall delight and enchant. These are some of our favorite rain porches and mermaid cottages.  Have you enjoyed rainy days during your Tybee Island visit?

slow down with mermaid cottages

August Is Awesome In These Mermaid Cottages

August is awesome in these Mermaid Cottages. Truthfully, Mermaid Cottages are awesome all year round and these happy little houses by the sea are even more so when you visit for your end-of-summer vacations, celebrations and getaways. Our cottage charm and coastal calm fill each home with love and nostalgia and hope. Your visits make them shine as bright as the sun. Each cottage has its own soul. Every door opens to welcome you.

August is awesome in these Mermaid Cottages.

Mermaid Guests Recommend These Favorite Summertime Cottages

Mermaid guests recommend these favorite summertime cottages for your end-of-season Tybee Island getaways. In many ways, things are back to normal and our June and July calendars have been booked up. School will be starting again soon and there’s still plenty of fun in the sun to be enjoyed. From August through Labor Day and on into November the beach goes on so don’t stop thinking about our happy little houses by the sea.  But don’t just take our word, enjoy reading recommendations from our Mermaid guests. Our guests say it best and we’re so very proud to share their top choices with you!

tybee island porches

Seven Tybee Island Porches That Rock

Here are seven Tybee Island porches that rock. Whether you’re looking for an end-of-summer getaway or a place to Fall in love with Tybee Island, it’s always a great time to visit.  Everyone loves the beach and the ocean, but some love to come and just slow things down a bit.

We call it Tybee Time.

Mimosa Cottage circa 1964

tybee island porches


Porch sitting is definitely a Southern tradition and a great rocking chair is all that’s needed to get into a rhythm.



Easy, breezy Tybee Island porches…