Revisiting an Old Love in Tybee Island

revisiting an old love in tybee islandReaching back to touch upon memories from the past is much like revisiting an Old Love in Tybee Island.  Many trains have come and gone, having brought Savannah folks and wealthy Americans to this little slice of the Georgia coast, once upon a time.  There were days past when making the 18 mile journey from the Hostess City out to Tybee would have taken the better part of a day and then the railroad came.  Excited beach goers could enjoy the leisurely ride out to the edge of the ocean and then take those last longing looks at the sea as the train headed back at sunset.  One of the most beautiful memories of that time waits to receive her guests in grand style long after the trains have stopped.  Still validating the ticket dreams of those coming to let go of the stresses and worries of life on the mainland.

revisiting an old love in tybee island

Old Love circa 1921 is a classic 1920’s beach cottage on Tybee’s original cottage row.  It’s perfectly pink with a tin roof, bead board …