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Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals: Junker’s Mecca- The Rose Bowl Flea Market

I finally made it. I’ve read about it for years. I’ve always admired Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame who sopped there and create her empire of totally luscious homes and tell the world about her finds. My famous writer friend, Mary Kay Andrews (www.marykayandrews.com )told me if I could make my schedule work, I definitely needed to go. But who knew that the gods, stars and moon would align and I would happen to be in Southern California on the weekend the famous Rose Ball event would be happening. I was so excited!!!!! But not excited enough to show up @ 5AM when the mart opened. We arrived late morning and believe me, there was still plenty of fabulous stuff to be found.

WHAT FUN!!! I called Seaside Sister Susan and Mary Kay as I was about to walk in just because our of most of my friends- they would appreciate what I was going thru. I did not call Jane, because she would have told me to buy everything possible and rent that U haul to bring back with me. And I didn’t need anymore encouragement to do just that.

It was a bit overwhelming at first because there is so much stuff everywhere. But I do know if I lived in CA, I would be a regular and you would figure out your favorite vendors and form your pattern and really work the booths. There was tons of Mid Century Modern of which I am not a big fan. I’m much more the Shabby Chic, Rusty Crusty person. I did see some great things that I loved. One of these pictures showes these beautiful old bottles with seahorses and other beautiful shells on top. The biggest purchase was the beautiful vintage fabric shams made from linen and other soft dreamy colors. The three pillows will be gracing my slipcovered sofa @ Mermaid Manor when I’m back home. BTW- if you have never been to Rachel Ashwell’s website or stores (she’s actually down to only two- one in Santa Monica and one in NYC) treat yourself. I buy her things at Target and they are great, but there was always something about walking into her actual shop and seeing the visions she creates. I also thought it ironic, one of the things I purchased at the flea market was one of her books- I already had a copy , but couldn’t resist $5 for another one. www.shabbychic.com)

One of the things I did not buy was these amazing vintage French posters. There were two I loved, but the price was $500…. Each. But the pictures were great! We also found a $5.00 vintage Chinese parasol for mom to enjoy and keep the sun off.

I am so glad I made this trip- another check off my bucket list!!!

Our new favorite person- the production designer for "The Last Song"

A person has come into our lives on Tybee that we never knew we needed. But he’s here and he’s making a huge difference on our island. The production designer for “our” movie ” The Last Song”. These are pictures of Nelson in front of the burned out church as well as downtown Tybee and the pier. Here’s a great article which tells of Nelson’s talents and the work he’s done here.

“On Tybee Island near Savannah, Ga., former Abilenian Nelson Coates is causing quite a scene.”
He spruced up a public pier, set up a carnival on the beach and constructed a wood-framed church painted white. What catches the attention of Savannah locals, however, is a teenager associated with the work: Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame.
Coates is production designer for “The Last Song,” a film written by Nicholas Sparks (“The Notebook”) where Cyrus plays an angry and alienated teen. The movie also stars Kelly Preston (“Sky High”) and Greg Kinnear (“Little Miss Sunshine”) as Cyrus’ divorced parents and up-and-coming Australian Liam Hemsworth as a love interest. Sparks’ book is due in September.
For 11 weeks prior to the start of filming in mid-June, Coates did prep work in Savannah. Shooting on the Walt Disney Pictures project is to wrap up in August for an early 2010 release.
“The Last Song” is the latest in a long list of Coates’ major films and TV shows. Other recent projects include the movies “The Proposal” and “The Express” and several episodes of the 2007 TV show “October Road.”
“I have kept myself from being type-cast. I’ve been fortunate to do period movies, dramas, actions, comedies, futuristics,” Coates said.
A production designer makes a script come alive visually. Location, scenery, room décor, clothing, hair and makeup, stunts, color pallet and any other visualizations of a story are the responsibility of the production designer.
Coates reports directly to a movie’s producer and director and oversees a crew of about 125 on an average production. 

“I’m known for a high level of detail and at a high level of completion. My sets don’t feel like a set,” Coates said.
Coates usually tackles two films a year, or less if he is hired for a television show. He has worked across the country and in Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico and England.
“I always tell people my things live in LA (Los Angeles),” Coates said.

Another pivotal project was the 1994 television mini-series “The Stand” by Stephen King. The nine-month project included 220 sets in 110 shooting days in five states representing 25 states in the series. Coates’ work garnered him an Emmy nomination.
“The blessing of my career path is that I had small, complex problems and did well on then. Then you get bigger and bigger and bigger ones,” Coates said.
Movies are not the result of magic, but “possibility thinking,” he said.
For example, the current box office hit “The Proposal,” starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and Betty White, is set in New York City and Alaska, but filming occurred in and around Boston. Coates constructed a set inside a coastal house, giving it an “Architectural Alaska” magazine look, “if there was such a publication,” Coates said.
He then returned the house to its former interior after filming.
Six months after shooting wrapped, Coates said a new ending had to be filmed, but the Boston office building was unavailable. He instead meticulously recreated the set on a California soundstage.
“Either I had to figure it out or the next guy will,” Coates said.
He describes himself as a junior high principal and cheerleader encouraging others to do their best.”

Nelson we are so glad you are here on Tybee working your magic!

We love Miley!

We truly love our newest summer resident. She is not only here working very hard on the movie that will positively affect our island’s economy for years to come, but she’s constantly out and about enjoying the island like the rest of our summer guests! There have been Miley sightings all over ( and let’s not forget how much we love Greg Kinnear as well who’s equally out and about enjoying Tybee.)

This is a picture taken and then posted on the internet of Miley playing very impromptu at Stingray’s Seafood restaurant right on Butler and 14th Street. Here in the words of Libby Green who wrote about what happened:

Miley apparently felt rather musical after dinner so she decided she wanted to sing and play guitar with a local artist named Jason Courtney.
Libby writes: “One of the few talents artist around, she played the guitar beautifully and sang even better. ( the song she wrote was in her pocket, she used it to remember the lyrics, pretty sure it was a ” getting over a break-up song”)”
No need to guess what that song was about!
But, how nice! What a treat for Tybee Island!
Most people are shelling out 80 bucks a seat to see Lil’ Miley belt a tune. We bet this intimate performance was much better!”

Thank you Miley! We hope you continue to enjoy our island paradise all summer!

My Mom, Cullen Jones, and his Olympic Gold Medal Win

What does Olympic Gold Medal Athelete and my Mom have in common? No, it’s not beacuse they are both winners. It’s that commerical that is running non stop during the Olympics where Cullen is thanking his mom for all her support!
He is such a genuine and authentic young man, you just want to burst with pride because he is one of the many exceptional people representing our country! I just heard his interview on NPR and they played the commerical on the air. Still makes you tear up without seeing the pictures!
My mom has always been there to support me and I’d love to do a commerical telling her how much she means to me! She just started to learn how to use a computer at the age of 81 and even better- has figured out how to read my blog daily- so I know she’s reading this! So as Cullen told his mom- Thanks Mom!!!
Play this great commerical especially if you haven’t seen it before. Even if you have seen it, play it again- just to remember your own Mom and what she’s done to support you .