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More Mini Mermaid Getaways

When you can only come to the beach for a few days or when you want to just pick up and make a spur-of-the-moment getaway, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for more Mini Mermaid Getaways!  Even during high season, we sometimes end up with great two, three and four night getaways that are very budget friendly!

Whitecaps, circa 1897

Take a look at what we have available for June and July:

Bohemian Cottage
Bohemian Cottage, circa 1946

Back River Bungalow     June 25-30 and July 27-31

Basking Under The Tybee Sun     Jun 26/27

Beach Boys Bungalow     July 25/26

Bohemian Cottage     July 28-30

Dutton-Waller Cottage     July 7/8 and July 14-18

Fiddler on the Creek     July 19/20

Heron Hideaway     July 7-9, Jul 21-24, Jul 29-31

Inlet Breeze     July 13/14, Jul 22-24 and July 30-August 8

Livin’ The Dream     July 6/7

Madelyn’s on the Marsh     July 30/31

Memories at the Beach     July 22/23

Mermaid Manor     July 11-13

Rose’s Folie     July 31-August 2

Screened Inn     July 11/12

Sea Largo     July 27/28

Shore Leave     July 28-31

Weil-Atkinson House     July 25/26

Whitecaps     July 22-25

Inlet Breeze
Inlet Breeze

Also, there’s still time to plan vacations of five or more nights, especially in August.  Any time is the right time for Tybee Time, so take advantage of more Mini Mermaid Getaways when the time is right for you!

Mini-Mermaid Getaways to Tybee Island

Ahoy out there to all you Mermaids-In-Waiting!  We’ve got some great Mini-Mermaid Getaways in June and you can book them right online or give us a call!  We know how to get the most out of even just a few days at the beach!

pet friendly cottages

A Shore Thing          Back River Bungalow          Basking Under The Tybee Sun

Beach Boys Bungalow          Blue Moon Over Tybee          Bluebird Cottage & Nest

Bohemian Cottage          Brooks Cottage          Canty’s Cottage

Crabby Jo’s          Crabby Pirate          Doyles on the Dunes

Drift Inn          Dutton-Waller Cottage          Enlisted Mens Mess Hall

Fish Camp Cottage          Flip Flop Cottage          Greene Cottage

Heron Hideaway          Horsepen Creek Cottage & Dock          Jensen Cottage

Key Lime Parrot          Livin’ The Dream          Maddie’s on Jones

Madelyn’s on the Marsh          Memories at the Beach          Mermaid Manor

Mimosa Cottage          Old Love Cottage          Paws and Paddles

Sea Largo          Shore Leave          The Shrimp

Tybee Daze          Weil-Atkinson House          Whitecaps

Foam For The Holidays

We’ve got two and three day Mini-Mermaid Getaways available this month and Tybee Island is the perfect one-tank trip destination!  Catch some rays, ride the waves, feast on our fresh seafood and sway in the breeze to our funky, quirky island vibe!

Isn’t Life Just Better In Flip Flops?

Isn’t life just better in flip flops?  We think so and we even have an entire cottage dedicated to these glass slippers of the south!  It’s Flip Flop Cottage and it’s all ready for your Spring visit!

 Mermaid Jan's mermaid flip flops

Flip Flop Cottage is a 1950’s classic ground level beach cottage that’s bright and cheerful, fun and funky – the ideal Tybee cottage!   …

Tybee and The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island

Our pet guests are always welcome at Mermaid Cottages and we love to hear from them in between visits.  We call them The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island!

 Tybee and the Real Barkhouds of Tybee Island

“Remember me?? My family and I stayed at Inlet Breeze over the 4th of July 2007. I know it has been a long time since then!  … I have continued to follow your business on Facebook and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the growth you have had! The homes look great!! I cannot wait to get back to Tybee!! …