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My Weekend as a Tybee visitor

My dear friend, Karyn from South Beach ( Miami) came to Tybee to visit Memorial Day Weekend and thanks to my very efficient Mermaid team, I was able to spend some time enjoying Tybee as a visitor while showing everything to Karyn! What fun! I fell in love with Tybee all over again. Here are some of the things we did and enjoyed. Meals- cook? while on vacation? I don’t think so! We ate dinner at Georges’ of Tybee. There used to be two George’s- Big George and Little George. Their partnership has split and Big George is in charge. The Right George- let me tell you! The food was outstanding- their famous crab and corn soup, Crawfish burritos , Salmon, Shrimp and Crab cakes- and yes desert! We had drinks Sunday afternoon at Dewey’s Seafood Restaurant http://www.deweys-restaurant.com/ – I had an excellent Mojito and Karyn enjoyed a Pomegrante Martini. And fresh Georgia boiled shrimp- literally fresh off the shrimp boats we were admiring from our dockside seats. Music was being played by a local Tybee musican- Bob Dylan music of all things! Monday morning was The Breakfast Club – the line moved fast, the food came out hot and delicious- still the Tybee favorite for breakfast and still doesn’t disappoint! http://www.tybeeisland.com/dining/brclub/Default.htm

Bike riding, sitting on the front porch watching sunset, walking dogs, waving to everyone we saw- beautiful early summer weather- blue sky, no humidity, sunshine and a breeze, full bellies from good food- who could ask for a better Memorial Day!

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