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May 1, 2008

Right Whales near Tybee!

I don’t know how many of you know we have whales off the coast of Tybee as the migrate south in the winter and north in the early spring. They’re back , now heading north and have been spotted about 10 miles off the Tybee Coast at the mouth of the Savannah River . Take a few minutes and learn about one of our local marine treasures.

Thank you Michael Bodine, City of Tybee Island for keeping us in the loop as always!

Sex and the City- The Movie!!!!!

Not sure how many of you were/ are rabid fans of Sex and the City. Some of us ( who shall remain nameless) have spent an entire Thanksgiving Weekend with her adult daughter on a Caribbean island where there was no tv watching the complete series on DVD from start to finish. And then received the entire set as a Christmas present that same year and spent the Christmas holidays watching the whole series all over again! But that’s ancient history. The big news is- only 29 days until Sex and the City and the Movie premiers!!!!!

If any of you tried to call or email me today from 4PM- 5PM I was ignoring you. Oprah had the girls AND Mr. Big on today to promote the movie! As Oprah said- “This is not a movie, this is an event! We owe it to ourselves to take our best girlfriends, dress up and go see this movie. The movie picks up from 4 years , 8 months, 2 days and 12 hours when the last show ended !” And as “Carrie” said ( and this was the best line from today’s show) her excitement about this movie was like comparing a Flip flop to a high heel!

So go to , mark your calendar for May 30th, take your best friends and go see this movie!