Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Once a mermaid always a mermaid…..

I just can’t help it. I really try and resist, but I’ve accepted the fact that Mermaid Cottages is now officially in my blood. One of the reasons why I love our homes some much, our guests love our homes so much and most of all the owners work with us is because we treat them like these are our own homes. One of the things I’ve learned in this middle aged experience of recreating my life is how extremely important my surroundings are. Be it my full time nest , a hotel room or now- a Florida condo for a few days, I just need to love where I am. Doesn’t need to be the same, in fact the more varied the better to give me ideas and inspiration!

I’ve in Florida with my parents- they needed some help getting to their vacation rental in Port Charlotte, FL and I drove them from Tybee here. My mom actually drove from Berkeley Springs, WV to Tybee by herself which is a pretty big deal, but I’ve taken over from here.

We arrived in their condo last night and proceeded to get settled in. I did my usual walk thru of the home ( Mary Lou and Judy have trained me well!) and started my list of what the home was missing and the little list just started getting longer and longer. I remembered yet again why our homes and cottages are what they are. Simple things like the phone number and address on the refrig with our Mermaid Team to call if they need anything- nada at this home. So I pick up the phone and call the owner who lives up and Nova Scotia– she hasn’t been to her home in two years so she had no idea about the condition.. Full permission to go shopping to get what the home needs. I can create my mini Mermaid Cottage here!

I’m now working in the local Starbucks- such a fascinating experience and great concept! I’m sitting here for 2 hours ( that’s how long I purchased- no longer free wifi…) working with the other adult children who’s retired parents are also here, we’re all sitting on line , drinking our coffee and Chai, chatting about where we’re from , how are parents are doing, great music is playing, the regulars are in and out- actually a lot of fun! This is the community that Starbucks has built where ever they set up shop. I’d forgotten how much fun it can be to be in a coffee house connecting!

I also understand the lady in the movie Titanic who brought her own art to hang in her stateroom while crossing the Atlantic. If I had known, I too would have brought a Bellamy or two to decorate the walls of this Florida condo!

Back to work, Mack the Knife is playing, the coffee maker person ( I know they have an official name) is dancing behind the counter – what a world!

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