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Susan comes to visit

I had a very special treat recently , one of my dear friends, Susan came to visit me from her home in Aiken, SC where she has been managing a very old Southern Dining Club. For someone like Susan or myself with hotel background, to be dealing with a membership of a small southern town is quite a unique experience. So she was in need of a getaway…… Fortunately we had left over champagne from the Teva’s and Mink gathering in January and Susan is a Champagne gal like me! Here she is enjoying our bubbly drink! I took her to two local restaurants over the course of the visit- Fanny’s on the Beach and Sundae Cafe. There is something to be said about the slow season. Great food, great service and no wait. It’s so terrific to have our restaurants open year round so even on a Monday in January and February where you can enjoy a great meal on island.

Susan brought me a beautiful coffee table book called “The Beach” which celebrates beaches all over the world. There on page 67 is a picture of the south end of Tybee Island! A surprise for both of us and how great to be including with beaches from all over the world.

Thank you Susan for visiting and except for that one stop sign which now leans a little bit more to the left then it used to, Tybee is ready for your next visit! In fact, we’re hoping she may make Tybee her home for longer then just a few days! We could use her creativity and hospitality!

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