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Dogs and their Humans

I’m still down here in Florida ( and still freezing- what’s with that!) with my friends and family. I’ve had time to really observe older people and their dogs. This has really been a very eye opening experience. I know how much I love my dogs. I hadn’t had dogs in my life from the time I left for college until 2001 when I started working with the guide dog puppies. Now that I’ve had dogs in my life, I’ll never not have a dog with me. Maybe not too big labs when I’m an old lady, but some dog!



I see how as you get older, sometimes the only consistent living creature in your life is your animal. I see so many older people walking their dogs. One lady I talked to- well into her 80’s- told me she was getting a new dog from the shelter this week because her wonderful little dog had just died. I thought about the power of that statement. Here she is- not a young woman- but determined to love and care for another living creature until she no longer was able.



I saw another friend who had just lost her dog of years and more tragically her brother 4 months ago. She was determined that she could not take on another living thing because the loss of the past few months was just too hard. When she went to her Vet to pick up the ashes of Gucci and was crying over her extreme loss, a little rescue dog with two broken legs started to lick her tears. Then two weeks later when she stopped by- “just to see how the little dog was doing”- the little dog literally hobbled over to her and rested his little head in her lap. You can guess the end of this story. The little guy has a new home and is about as spoiled as a dog can be. Named after her brother who died a few months ago. She’s been brought back to life by the love of her dog.
So many of my homes are pet friendly ( but not every one and that’s ok to. Some people have dog allergies and we want to be sure we can welcome everyone to Mermaid Cottages!) This picture was sent to me by an upcoming guest who will be staying at Caretta Cottage.
“Diane, I had a week long training session last week — snooze city! — so when it would get to be too much, I would mentally pack my bags. I planned our driving trip, got our things put away, and have walked to the beach and the park. Hahahaha!
I have attached a picture of Buffy, our baby, who will be joining us. We don’t normally have her dressed up as such, this picture was from Nicole’s 16th birthday party! She is going to LOVE the fenced in yard! We live in an apartment and so her daily routine is long walks on a leash, running free is usually limited to weekend trips to the doggy parks! We will all be spoiled after this vacation!”
Thank you Lisa! We look forward to welcoming you and your entire family ( including Buffy) to Tybee Island!

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