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Miss Syliva has turned 100. It’s all that good Tybee Living that did it!

There was a celebration on Tybee Thursday night that was indeed an event! The cause for the celebration is so big, that it will be repeated again on Friday and Saturday nights! Our friends at Doc’s Bar have described the event so well, that I am sharing it with all of you just in case you didn’t see this. If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. So… in Roy’s own words:


“The Party starts Thursday night @ 7:00 and doesn’t stop till sometime early Sunday morning., We will celebrate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Every night we will have a birthday cake and many surprises. Strippers, musicians from around the world, a singing Iguana, politicians, singing politicians, a working ant farm, fantastic drinks, exotic birds smuggled in from country’s with names we can’t pronounce, and many other things we can’t begin to make up.

Ms. Sylvia has requested no presents please. Come on she’s a 100 years old. She doesn’t need an I-Pod or that new kitchen gadget, or that new push up bra. She’s a 100 years old people. She has asked that everyone give her a hug. If you are sick – DON”T. If you feel that you have give her something then a cash gift is fine. Unfortunately she was not listed in the current stimulus package and at a 100 the government does not come up with any more social security. Do you think tambourines grow on trees. No they cost money.
There is also a great article about Ms. Sylvia in this months Tybee Breeze by Mike Sullivan. Please check it out when you get the time.

And……… If you don’t think Ms. Sylvia turning a 100 is worth your time. Well then listen to this……….
Our beloved house musician Roy is on the cover of Coastal Senior this month with a lovely article written by Tybee’s own future Pulitzer prize winner and upcoming novelist Sherri Simmons. He will be autographing copies this weekend along with boxes of Depends, and six packs of Ensure.

It is going to be a great moment in Tybee history this weekend. Ms. Sylvia is truly a wonderful person. We all love her and we are getting ready for a 101. If you can’t make it please send us an email. We will make sure she gets it. Thanks”

Doc’s Bar Tybee Island GA.Oldest Bar On Tybee, And Still The Center Of The Universe

Now folks, if you don’t think Tybee is a unique place to live or visit, then re read the above! This is just one of the reasons why I love this island!!!

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