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Angels walking among us on earth

Having now spent going on two weeks in Southwest Florida, I have made some very interesting observations. The area my parents are staying is called Port Charlotte. We are very close to a very charming little historic town called Punta Gorda and also close to Boca Grande. I hope the next visit to explore and visit both as my parents health allows but right now our days are spent in doctors offices, hospitals, pharmacies and the daily walk or two around the block.
We are in the land of older people. This entire area is geared around older people, their care and their lives. I have been completely amazed time and time again on how this area caters to and makes their living off of older folks. And even more amazed at how incredibly pleasant, nice, cheerful and helpful these people are in their work to help you. I realize this is their business be they doctors or grocery stores, but there is a true degree of caring here that absolutely amazes me…
My step dad needed a walker. Still not sure why doctors back north didn’t put him on one, but the Florida doctor ( and my sister) insisted this happen and what a tremendous difference this has made in his mobility. There is a reason why you use a walker. Doesn’t matter if you look old using it, it enables you to get around and that enables you to have a better life and that’s what it’s all about. When I went to the place that provides walkers, I met one of those angels on earth. There were a few people ahead of me, 80 years old was the youngest I would guess. Sienna Rose ( she had renamed herself) who worked in the store was so patient and gentle with each one, making sure she repeated herself so they understood ( not like they were children, but like they needed help with this over load of info) When it came time for me, she treated me the exact same way. I’m certainly not a child, but the amount of info she needed to tell me, medicaid,medicare, prescriptions, costs – it just goes on and on and on… She set me up with exactly what my dad needed, including little skis that go on the front of the walker so it glides when he walks over carpet. Yes it cost extra, but they work and you know what- enables him to move around…
I have such respect for these people, be it the doctors offices that are kind and helpful, the pharmacy who tells you exactly what you need to know ( pill management tools is another entire industry….. but completely needed) to the people at Mr. Marvin’s who cut hair and trim nails. Not to mention Pete’s where they serve early bird specials daily , know everyone’s name who walks in the door ( they’ll know our names before we’re done here) and even more important, know to ask how so and so is doing, if they need anything, and always hug the older folks sitting by themselves before they leave. Sometimes human contact, a touch on the arm, hug around the waist is the whole reason they come to Petes… ( it isn’t the food…..) They all want to take care of their older clients but they understand they have become a little family here.
My dad got his hair cut at Mr. Marvin’s . Mr. Marvin has moved back to South Carolina but his shop and name lives on. Barbara the Barber cut his hair. She loves her clients, she loves her orchids and she just loves life. She does a great job and if you ever are in this area, for a treat stop by the shop! She’ll be very excited to see herself on the blog!
I’ve said for a couple of years now I’m looking for my old person home. I’ve found the destination in Tybee I do believe, but Mermaid Manor could not be that home. Too many steps. There are ways to adjust that by installing a lift ( and I’ve actually kept space in the back yard to do just that) but right now , if you are old, you’d have a hard time visiting me. I do believe that Tybee and Savannah are great communities to be old. We have not only old people living here, but families and all ages. We have a large community with lots of things to do even if you aren’t mobile. Keeping your mind active is extremely important. Most of all we have the island mentality of taking care of each other and as I saw at Pete’s restaurant, that may be the most important necessity of all…
Home soon back to the island , my dogs and my little world!

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