Tybee updates on a hot Saturday

Boy it’s hot! This is like August weather- which I know all of our guests are loving but the rest of us are just hot !! Updates on life on Tybee


The Saga of the Green Herons continues:
One of the baby green herons fell out of the nest on Friday!!! DRAMA! ANGST! WORRY! The poor mother and father green heron were flying all over talking but he/she was in the ground level bushes and there was no way I could get him/ her back up to the nest. I called around and found the most amazing person- her mission in life is to rescue and rehab wild birds. Pat is permitted and certified thru the US Fish and Wildlife and knows what she’s doing. I followed her instructions and drove the little guy to The Landings in a big box where Pat lives and works- he was screeching the whole time, but I knew if he stayed in the bushes someone would come along and eat him during the night. I talked to Pat today- he’s not eating unless she hand feeds him and he’s scared and lonely. The good news is she’s picking up two more baby green herons on Monday and they’ll all be together. I’ve been lecturing the two remaining baby bird to stay put and not try and fly the coop early like their brother/ sister did! It’s unreal how fast they are growing up- they are still another week or so away from flying but they perch all day long on those branches. Mom has been feeding them and enjoying my bird bath in the front yard. These are pictures of the nest and then the two pictures are of Pat holding my little guy and showing me his wings and how he was too young to fly.


The Last Song Movie Update:
We just continue to adore these movie folks! The pier has been turned into the 37th Annual Tybee Island Seafood Festival with a beach carnival, a completely cleaned up and fluffed pier and all the excitement of Disneyland on Tybee Island. Extras were hired from all over the community and were in the shoot the past two days. Friday night was the night shoot on the pier with the lights going, music playing, extras in place- and action! A bunch of us watched from the beach looking up to the pier and it truly was magical! I’m looking for some evening pictures from last night so hopefully I can post for everyone to see how great it looked!