The Tybee Island Baptist Church burning- finally the big scene!

We here on Tybee are always looking for a reason to have a gathering! Last Saturday night was no exception and we organized a “burn down the church” party on the front yard of Fish Camp Cottage which sits directly across the street from the church. A few of the neighbors gathered along with Mer people: Mary Lou, David & Judy and Seaside Sister Susan. We first all sat right outside the picket fence with a perfect view of all the action. And boy was there action! We looked like we belonged as part of the cast and crew- so much that the movie catering company started to include us in the hourly food service provided for everyone! Silver tray service- fresh fruit and mini Krispy Kreme donuts is pictured here. We are sorry Margo and her family weren’t here for the final night, but we know they had fun all week watching the other scenes being shot at the church.



The director did ask us to move back inside the fence because it turned out that we were right in the view of the camera . The church burning was incredible, take after take of the same burning. The church wasn’t damaged at all, but it sure will look like a major fire overtook the church when it makes it to the film. The fire started at dark and they didn’t finish up until well after midnight. Vickie Lynn – another of our mermaids- who is also a Tybee Volunteer Fire person, was an extra for the movie as well and she didn’t finish up till well after 3AM.
The movie is all finished now, everyone has left and gone back to LA and everything seems so quiet. We can’t wait till January 8th when The Last Song comes out!