Our Technology Concierge Superstar

We are so lucky- we have our very own “technology Concierge” , Michael Bodine. He’s like Spiderman- he looks like a normal everyday person, but when we call him- 24/7 to come fix something that needs fixin’ ( a DVD player, the internet connection at your cottage, even that darn Direct TV that never seems to cooperate) Michael jumps into action! Always smiling, never makes you feel dumb, just a great guy to have around.

I have a brand new toy to play with, my very own Netbook which is bigger then a Blackberry, but smaller than a Laptop and oh so great! Michael found one on line on sale, set it up and tah dah! My new netbook has come into my life!

Michael was also so proud of his Christmas present. And only Michael could wear something like this and get away with it! When you walk into a home and are wearing this shirt, whenever you are around wifi, it lights up! Just typing this brings a smile to my face.

Thank you Michael- you are indeed the BEST!