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The Hangover- Tybee Island Version

We don’t allow prom parties, singles parties, spring break parties- any parties where it’s all young people without adult supervision. Not just us, but all the vacation rental companies on Tybee.  It just makes sense to not have people out of control.  But sometimes one gets past us….

That’s what happened this past weekend.  I should have known- three cars in front of one of the cottages usually means alot of people, but I didn’t see any signs of activity all weekend.   Plus it was Easter weekend so I can’t imagine a spring break group here for Easter.   Until Sunday check out….   We had a call and our housekeeper said the guests weren’t answering the door.  But all the cars were there so she knew they were there.  She let herself in and …….    Bachelor Party remains. Including the boys who were actually men. Adult Men. Adult Men who had seen the movie The Hangover…   The house was not destroyed by any means, it was just really, really , really messy. And the men were not moving!  They were incredibly hung over!  Kathy goes into the kitchen and makes them coffee and basically her military training stepped in. She lets them know it was time to leave! And they got dressed and left!

The funniest part of all this is when I called the guest Sunday night to let him know we were keeping the security deposit because of the extra cleaning required.  I could tell that 12 hours later he was still hung over but was super sweet and told us to go ahead to charge his card. He kept apologizing and thanked us.  Monday- we try and run the credit card and it’s declined.  So I call again and this time ( 24 hours later!) he’s not hung over and starts to tell me the story of Saturday night. I am laughing so hard because I think all these men who saw the movie are trying to re create the movie!  As he told me, he has absolutely no idea about what happened from about 8PM Saturday night until mid day on Sunday. And the only reason why he knows his credit card is over extended is because when he called the credit card company to ask why they had declined our charge- they told him he’d spent $500 at  strip club in South Carolina.  A strip club that he has no idea how he got there and how he spent the money!  He told me his best friend didn’t want to go to Las Vegas for the getaway but wanted a relaxing weekend on Tybee with his buddies.  But somewhere along the line I guess he was talked in to a less quiet weekend!   The good news, I haven’t found a tiger in any of the closets nor has Mike Tyson come looking for his lost tiger!   As we say- it’s never a dull day on Tybee with our cottages!   The best news- the guests who checked into their cottage at 4PM never had the slightest idea of what escapades went on just the night before!  Kathy- great job and keep up the good work on cleaning our homes!

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