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Just when you think you’ve seen it all here on Tybee….

Guess what happened on Saturday here on Tybee-  “An Arkansas man landed his two-seat plane on a Georgia beach for a little fun and sun.”

Yes indeed- only on Tybee!!!!   Here’s the articles from two local papers:

Instead, the amateur pilot was arrested on charges of reckless conduct and operating a motorized craft on the beach on Tybee Island.

Tybee Island police Lt. Jonathan Hagan told the Savannah Morning News that the plane’s two occupants climbed out to take a stroll on the beach and there was nothing wrong with the single-engine aircraft.

He says the pilot – 36-year-old Mark Jensen – was arrested. The passenger was Jensen’s mother; she was not arrested.

Hagan says the action was unacceptable and endangered other beachgoers.”

And Another little blurb:

“A small plane landed this afternoon on the beach near Captain’s View Road. The pilot’s mother, who was in the plane with her son, said they came down to explore the beach for the day.

Jean Jensen said when they came back to the plane there were cops there. Jensen said it was an honest mistake. “He had landed on beaches before, specifically in Alabama, and didn’t have any problem or anything and didn’t know that would be an issue. We landed well away from people,” said Jean Jensen.

The plane was impounded. We’re told the FAA will then inspect it to make sure it is still in condition to fly.”

Isn’t this funny?  And just a little Tybee craziness we all just love which is why we live here and visit here?


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