Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Sea Turtles on Tybee Island and in the Gulf

Those of you who follow Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals on Facebook saw my big news- on Tuesday I found the 4th Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest of the Tybee season!  I was so excited and thrilled!!!   “my” babies will be hatching in about 60 days and I’ll be part of the nest sitting to wait for those eggs to hatch and run to the sea!  We had to relocate the nest- the nest was laid too close to the water line and a very high tide would sweep the eggs away. These are the 105 eggs ( they look and feel like ping pong balls!)

It’s so important that we keep our Tybee Sea Turtles going- in the Gulf- because of the oil spill- they’ve already found 400 Sea turtles dead and are estimating they’ll lose 70,000 eggs this season.  You can help alot of ways- the biggest is to make a donation.  I’m suggesting the National Fish and  Wildlife Federation who has a massive program to help the creatures who have been affected so strongly.

And don’t forget- all profits from the coffee we’re selling ( and providing in the cottages) Mermaid Morning Bliss goes towards helping Sea Turtles around the world.  For the next few months, those profits will go to the Gulf Sea Turtles.

Remember- Lights out for Sea Turtles from now till the end of October!!!

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