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Cold Noses, Warm Hearts

     Those of us who have pets know they are great therapists. They are great listeners, comforters, and friends. But, did you know the medical community suggests pets are good for your health? Like we needed another reason to love our furry children, right?!
     They spread love where ever they go, so why not share that feeling? The Tybee Island Oceanside Nursing Home wants the community to know they encourage anyone to visit with their dogs! Dogs can be so beneficial to both physical and psychological healing, especially for the elderly and isolated. You know how great your dog makes you feel, so think about sharing the love! If you believe you have a dog that could warm the hearts of patients, check out these easy steps to ensure the safety of your dog and those in the nursing home.

  • Determine if your dog would be a good candidate! The dog must be reliable, predictable, trained, and loving.
  • Contact the manager at the nursing home (912-786-4511) about 1 hour before your visit. the require nothing more than that your dog be on a leash and that you show proof of current vaccinations. Your dog needs to be healthy and up-to-date on their shots!
  • Make sure your dog is well groomed, including well trimmed nails.
  • Keep your dog on a 4 foot leash, no retractables please!
  • Be a responsible owner. Have control over your dog at all times. help encourage interaction between your dog and the patient.
  • A few precautions: make sure your dog minds his or her manners and doesn’t try to eat anything, from the floor or table scraps. Watch for medications in the area that may be hazardous to your pet.
  • Start slow and make sure your pet will be comfortable around things like wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns, or need more information, don’t hesitate to call the Oceanside Nursing Home at 912-786-4511. Please consider visiting and allowing the love your dog showers naturally to brighten someone’s day!

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