Mermaid Sighting: Delaware to North Carolina

     We have so many mermaid sightings happening! I am so excited everyone is taking time to seek out the magical in their day to day lives…keep it up please!
     I spotted these two mermaids myself. I was traveling in New England about a month ago and spotted this marvelous mermaid in Bethany Beach, Delaware. I love the mix of bright color and rustic style, don’t you?!

     I spotted this beauty while in Asheville, North Carolina celebrating my daughter’s birthday this past weekend. (Where does the time go, am I right?) Doesn’t she seem serene? I loved this one!

     Please keep the sightings coming! We love seeing all the interesting places mermaids pop up! Email your sightings to and include a little info, like the location, if possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!