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14 Ways To Help During The Dog Days Of Summer

Voluntourism at Mermaid Cottages. Donate to help shelter pets
Our own Sophie is a Black Lab Rescue!

It’s the Dogs Days Of Summer which means things can get hot, but what if you had the opportunity to do something really cool?  Mermaid Cottages invites you to join with us in celebrating and honoring the great works our animal shelters do for homeless pets.  Bring loads of fun with you to the beach and bring donations for homeless pets, too!

During the month of August, we’ll be collecting donations for homeless pets and you can help!  Here’s a list of donations that will greatly help the homeless pets in our area:

1. Towels:  Are your beach towels looking a little ragged?  They all wear out.  Some get fringy, dingy, discolored and have holes in them.  Animals don’t care.  Many times, animals are turned in wet or cold and they just want something to lie on.  Old towels can be used to dry wet pets, as blankets for small pets or can be used to clean messes.

2.  Old blankets and quilts: Left whole, blankets can be used in cages for large animals or they can be cut up for smaller animal cages.  Sometimes, a homeless pet just needs something warm to lie on.

3.  Food: Dog food, cat food, or any other kind of animal food for the animals a shelter takes in. Both dry and canned food can be used. Full bellies make animals happier in a scary situation. Mother’s milk replacements (you can buy this at Walmart or pet supply stores such as Petsmart).

4.  Treats: Both dogs and cats look forward to these treats whenever they can get them. Most any kind is appreciated. Rawhide bones are also well-loved.

5.  Placemats: Placemats help keep food bowls neat and organized and cats love to lie on them!

6.  Toys: A furry, fuzzy or squeaky toy can brighten up a scared, homeless pet’s day.

7.  Litter: Litter is always needed for obvious reasons, but litter can also help manage spills and liquid messes.

8.  Detergents:  All those old blankets and towels have to be laundered.  Fabric softener goes a long way to making a tattered old blanket feel a little more cozy.

9.  Grooming Supplies:  Brushes, combs, shampoos, flea powders, nail clippers, etc.

10. Pet Beds:  Don’t throw them away.  Donate them to provide a homeless pet a little comfort.

11. Leashes and collars: Shelters need them to walk animals, but it also helps to have some to give to new owners.

12. Newspapers: Newspapers are perfect to line the cages of new puppies and kittens.  Lots of newspapers!

13. Food Dishes: Did you pick up some new travel bowls for your trip?  Leave them behind for a shelter pet.

14. Money: Donations are always welcome.  This way, shelters can purchase supplies they need.

This is a great way for everyone to enjoy your vacation through voluntourism.  Come stay with us and lighten your load.  Who doesn’t hate to load all that stuff back up to take home?  We’ll even make it easy for you.  Just call us at 912 313 0784 and we’ll come by to pick up your donations.  Whether by Mermaid Bike, Mermaid Golf Cart, Mermaid Flip Flops or our aquamarine Mermaid Volvo Wagon machine, we’ll pick it all up and donate your items to our friends at Coastal Pet Rescue.

We also want to take the time to salute our quests and friends who foster and adopt shelter pets!  Remember, when you’re ready for a new pet ADOPT, don’t shop!  Save a homeless pet and you’ll soon find they rescue you right back!

Voluntourism during the dogs days of summer with Mermaid Cottages

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