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Mermaids In The Kitchen: Margo’s Grilled Pizzas

This week’s Mermaids In The Kitchen recipe is for Grilled Pizzas and it comes from our wonderful friend, Margo, who also owns the delicious Fish Camp Cottage!

Mermaids In The Kitchen: Grilled Pizzas

“We recently had 17 people over for a grill out to celebrate a dear friends birthday.  Well, the weekend was hot… we’re talking about 100 degrees hot out.  My husband wasn’t going to stand over the grill for two hours grilling food, so we decided to steal an idea from a recent graduation party we attended.  We served grilled pizzas!

The day before we chopped up all the pizza toppings (we consulted a pizza menu) onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, black olives and tomatoes.  We cooked sausage, cut up cooked chicken, ham and bacon.  We purchased pre-cooked chicken and bacon to make life easier.

The day of the party we put out all of our chopped toppings,  pizza sauce, pesto sauce and infused oil, along with mozzarella and feta cheese.  Our crusts were 5-7 inch pocketless pita flat bread (regular and whole wheat).  We had the grill all fired up and each guest made and cooked their own personal pizza.

The best part was we were able to visit with everyone instead of spending all the time preparing food!  Since we had such a big group we prepared a lot of toppings, but this is a great idea for a smaller scale party, as well.  They were a huge hit and I know several people said they have parties coming up and are going to do the same thing.

Hope this is something you can use on your blog, otherwise, maybe you’ll just enjoy making these yourself!”


We love Margo’s creative ideas and we envy her green thumb and artistic talents that make Fish Camp Cottage such a wonderful Tybee Island retreat!  We’d love to share your favorite go-to recipes, too!  Email your recipes and photos to diane@mermaidcottages.com and you may be featured in an upcoming Mermaids In The Kitchen blog post!

Mermaids In The Kitchen: Margo's Grilled Pizzas

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