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PERC Up With Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee

Mermaid Cottages loves promoting our brand standards, especially since they help us support and promote so many great causes.  PERC up with Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee and you can help us support our Tybee Sea Turtles and sea turtle conservation around the world!

Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee

One of the reasons we are so happy to feature PERC coffee in our cottages is PERC’s committee to taste and quality:

“Hello to our beloved PERC Coffee Family.

We are reaching out to all of our accounts to say thanks so much for your business! 

PERC Coffee was born from the desire to bring the next level of coffee culture to the people of Savannah.  We are passionate about sourcing the most amazing coffees from all over the world.  PERC is dedicated to maintaining the efforts of the farmers who helped get these amazing coffees to Savannah and we know you that are too. 

Whether you are a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, ice cream parlor, hotel, hostel, or cupcake bakery; together we are on a mission to bring the highest quality coffee to Savannah and the southern region. 

Our goal is to empower you with the tools, education, and training to create top-notch coffee programs. 

Here are some “PERC Coffee Pro-Tips” to think about:

1.  DRINK IT FRESH — coffee is fresh for about 14 days if stored properly, but we recommend that you try to finish it within a week. Remember: air, moisture, heat, and light are the enemy of freshness and you’re too fresh to drink old coffee.

2.  NO FRIDGE!  NO FREEZER! – Avoid storing beans in the fridge or freezer – high humidity, foul odors, and freezer burn will kill your coffee.  Coffee will absorb food odors in your fridge!

3.  BEAN STORAGE – Keep your beans in an airtight container and store at room temperature in a dark place­­ like a kitchen cupboard. Avoid temperature changes and direct sunlight.

4.  GOOD GRINDER — GRIND FRESH – The grind is a crucial variable in making outstanding coffee. Once coffee is ground, it becomes stale rapidly.  We suggest grinding just before brewing.  We prefer burr grinders. For drip coffee, the grind should feel like sand on a beach.

5.  DOSE CONSISTENCY — it is good idea to use a gram scale to weigh your coffee.  We suggest 1.6 to 2.0 grams ground coffee per fluid ounce.  For under $40, you can own a scale and make perfect coffee every time you brew.

Mermaid Morning Bliss

We are always here to help if you need any assistance!  Please feel comfortable to reach out to us about making purchasing decisions for your coffee equipment.  We can offer advice and also help you find the perfect product and price through our wholesale relationships with several coffee equipment companies. 

Drink coffee and be happy!”

For the greater good, The PERC Coffee Team 

PERC up with Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee!  You can even pick up some for your home at Seaside Sisters or just give us a call and we’ll keep you PERC-ed up!

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