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Mermaid sightings on Martha’s Vineyard

I thought my beloved tybee island was full of cottage charm and mermaids but Martha’s Vineyard may be our equal. This charming cottage we are renting in the area called East Chop called the Mermaid Boathouse is ideal for our much needed rest after a long rental season and passing of my mom. This cottage was also featured in Coastal Living magazine and the book Coast by Janelle McCulloch who also came to tybee and included several of our cottages in the same book.

Loving our time here! Let day 2 of our adventure begin!






1 thought on “Mermaid sightings on Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. did you see a real mermaid like the ones that sing and breath like humuns because if did NOT see a mermaid like that is it still a sighting. I think a sighting is when you see a real mermaid like the singing a breathing kind. that is all I have to say.

    P.S. sorry if you think I am trying to be rood I am NOT trying to be rood just asking the quiston

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