Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Hello, Gorgeous

How will you celebrate New Year’s?  Tybee Island has funky parties and fantastic fireworks and then there’s that whole big ocean we have going on.  This year, the Mermaids hope to enjoy an old tradition.  We’ve been practicing and the first visitor across our threshold will hear, “Hello, Gorgeous!”

Tall, Dark, Handsome

According to our friends down at Davenport House Museum in Savannah, the first person to enter a house in the New Year is ripe with symbolism.  The belief was that luck would come one’s way if the first footer was a dark haired young bachelor. It was thought unlucky for a fair“ or red-haired person to `let in the New Year.  A scholar notes this may have been from the natural antagonism of an indigenous dark-haired people to a race of blond invaders [the Norsemen and Vikings in the British Isles].  Note to our newly arriving guests.  It’s not that we’re particularly used to making Goo-Goo eyes at tall, dark and handsome single men, but we really take this good luck stuff to heart. Won’t you help a Mermaid out?

A Mermaid

Alas, but what to do with all of those hot Gingers and Cotton-tops? Well, a hug and a kiss from a Mermaid will bring you good luck any time of year.  Of course, you might have to wait around in the yard a bit.  If you know of any tall, dark and handsome single men push them to the front of the line.  As soon as one of them steps through our door it’ll be time to spread the New Year’s cheer to everyone!  Just in case, we have a few of our wonderful cottages still available.

Tybee Tides circa 1930  The Shrimp circa 1962

Southern Cross circa 1935  Paula Deen’s Y’all Come Inn

Livin’ the Dream circa 1946  Key Lime Parrot circa 1936

Crabby Jo’s circa 1930   Bluebird Cottage & Nest circa 1900

New Year's Fireworks

It’s always good fortune to come to the beach any time of the year.  We’ll even make it extra special for you this year.  Book two nights for New Year’s and we’ll add a third night at no extra charge (even if you can’t stay the third night this means you’ll be able to enjoy a late check-out after your second night).  Excited?  “Hello, Gorgeous!”

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