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January 12, 2014

Mermaids Who Create Retreats

Mermaid Cottages Announces The Third Annual Mermaids Who Create Retreats!

Mermaid Manor circa 1935

Mermaid Cottages  announces our invitation to  individuals  from the arts community at large to be our guests for our Third Annual Mermaids Who Create Retreats.  February 6, 7, 8 and 9 in 2014, artistic creators will enjoy the complimentary use of a cottage as a getaway to write and create new literary and artistic works.

In exchange for this complimentary vacation cottage stay  writers, photographers and artists agree to submit a short story, essay, photographs, paintings, screen plays and theatrical scripts to Mermaid Cottages to possibly be included in a published compendium of stories and art works about Tybee Island, GAAuthors and Artists will agree to license Mermaid Cottages to use their story in a published book to display their art and photographs, along with proper credit and a biography of each author, artist or photographer on the Mermaid Cottages website, and in any way to promote Mermaids Who Create Retreats.

A writer’s story or essay must be a minimum of 1500 words and revolve around Tybee Island, or some aspect of the locale, either as a setting or a subject.  We highly recommend the story line also include in some way the cottage in which the writer stays.  Any literary genre of story or essay is acceptable, including but not limited to memoir, mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, fiction and non-fiction.  An artist’s/photographer’s work must portray local scenes of life on Tybee Island and in some way include the cottage in which the artist/photographer stays.

Please submit your application via this link for the Third Annual Mermaids Who Create Retreats to mermaidmona@outlook.com (Mermaid Mona) by January 16, 2014.  From all submissions, Mermaid Cottages will select and invite artists and writers in these artistic disciplines:

* Published writers

* Published authors

* Published bloggers

* Published screen writers

* Published playwrights

* Published photographers

* Painters who have shown in public art contests, competition, shows and offers

Official invitations will be sent out January 23, 2014 and participation will include a complimentary stay for one writer, artist or photographer per cottage for February 6 7, 8 and 9 in 2014.

Participants are responsible for:

* Transportation

* Meals and recreation

* $69 Reservations Fee

* Housekeeping (ranges from $100-$200 according to the individual cottage offered)

* Pet Fee if you’re bringing a pet

* Fees due and payable by check prior to arrival (Reservations Fee, Housekeeping Fee and Pet Fee, if applicable)

An agreement to write and permission to license your story will be part of the application to your Mermaids Who Create Retreat.  Stories must be submitted as a Word document within 30 days of the end of your stay at Mermaid Cottages.  Likewise, an agreement to complete and permission to license an artist’s or a photographer’s work will also be a part of the application, with the completed submission due within 30 days of the end of your stay.

We support the arts and want to publicize Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages as a unique artistic retreat.  It is our hope that these retreats will become a regular feature of our island and the publication of a book of short stories and artistic works will serve to promote the arts in our area.

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