Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

March 2014

Tybee Island Fishing at its Finest

What Better Place to Fish than the variety of hot spots on Tybee Island, GA?

Fishing at its Finest
Fishing at its Finest

There are great fishing spots all over our 3 mile island. You can catch many things from Bass to Trout to Sheepshead to Bream to Catfish.  Just remember, be sure to have your fishing license on you at all times!

At the entrance of the Lazaretto Creek Bridge is a great pier that sits directly across from the shrimp boats that bring in all the delicious seafood our restaurants serve.  The sunset is beautiful and there’s nothing quite like watching the dolphins jumping through the waves made by the shrimp boats as they come home from a days work.

Fishing Pier at Lazeretto Creek on Tybee Island, GA
Fishing Pier at Lazeretto Creek on Tybee Island, GA

Same Time, Next Year in Tybee Island

The family dog enjoys Tybee Island, too
Even the family dog enjoys Tybee Island.

It’s always great to hear from our guests and so many of you come every year around the same time we know you’ll appreciate this post.  We received these precious photos from our guest named Jessica.  These photos mean so much to us because it reminds us why we do what we do.  We look forward to greeting Jessica’s beautiful family year after year and watching them grow.  We love all of our guests and have special and fond memories of those who always return the same time, next year in Tybee Island.

“Here are some of our pictures…”    -Jessica

Gabby on Tybee Island
Gabby has the sweetest grin when she vacations in Tybee Island

“Our youngest has spent each vacay on Tybee. I don’t think she will know another vacation destination. Lucky lady! 🙂 Her brother and sister don’t seem to mind!”    -Jessica …

Paula Deen’s Tybee Island Style

Paula Deen's Y'all Come InnY’all have enjoyed her recipes in your kitchen and her delicious Southern meals in her Savannah restaurants, but did you know you can also enjoy Paula Deen’s Tybee Island Style?  Paula’s beach house sits perched along a scenic little street, just a winking and a waving as if to say Y’all Come Inn!

We recently chatted with Brandon Branch, Paula’s Design Director and personal assistant, about pulling together “the look.”  He was a hoot and a half to listen to as he recounted his and Paula’s adventures through home décor shops, antiques dealers, thrift shops and Paula’s other houses and collections when they last set out to bring new updates to the beach house.

“One thing I want y’all to know is that this beach house is all Paula.  She and I went tromping through these stores, pulling two and three shopping buggies at a time and Paula was just a yanking and tossing pillows, fabrics, and stuff right off the shelves!”  Brandon says Paula gets inspired by family, friends and the happy colors found throughout Savannah and the surrounding low country.  “We got a sideboard for the foyer from Paris Market and some other pieces from Two Women and a Warehouse and she even pulled a beautiful piece from the house where she films.  Of course, the newer, bigger pieces of furniture are from Paula’s very first furniture collection.”

Paula Deen's Y'all Come Inn Den

Everywhere you look you’ll find special, personal touches from Paula’s collections of personal photographs and momentos  from her travels and experiences.  She even made a couple of the shell covered lamps herself!  Paula had first commissioned local Savannah artist Cathy Jarman to create some shelled pieces and since she loved them so much she asked Cathy to teach her how to start “shelling” her own pieces.

Paula Deen's Shell Art Lamps

Of course, the best way to enjoy Paula Deen’s Tybee Island Style is to come on down and get right up in the middle of it.  Y’all Come Inn is available for rentals all year round and you’ll find it’s got a beautiful, fully stocked kitchen with Paula’s cookware, kitchenware, utensils and such.  You’ll always find a gracious helping of Paula’s spices and mixes and, yes, even a stick of butter in the refrigerator when you check in.  Create your favorite dishes in Paula’s kitchen from your personally autographed Paula Deen cookbook and be sure to make the time to enjoy the complimentary VIP Dining Reservations at both The Lady and Sons and Uncle Bubba’s restaurants that are included with each rental.

Paula Deen's Furniture Collection

Paula Deen’s Tybee Island Style is just like you like it.  It’s colorful, warm and just like a big hug from someone you love.  Y’all Come Inn real soon!

Bluwater Gal’s Getaway on Tybee Island

Couple on Beach
Bluwater Gal & Guy on Tybee Island

Bluwater Gal Vacations on Tybee Island with Mermaid Cottages

“Bluwater Gal”, newly retired and adventure seeking blogger,  and her other half whom she calls “Bluwater Guy” visited Tybee Island for a New Year’s Getaway.  They decided to stay in a vacation rental versus a hotel and knew Mermaid Cottages was the place for them as soon as she saw the website! Although she once lived in Savannah as a child, it had been many years since seeing Tybee.

“There was so much to do. We got to stay and play on Tybee, but we also got Savannah for free!”

Tybee Beach Run

Tybee Beach RunAnother sure sign of Spring is when we all get out and run!  It’s time for the Tybee Beach Run on Tybee Island this weekend, so please come join us and let’s welcome the sun.  And, when you run on the beach you help send members of the Christian Medical Association to Honduras!

The run is this Saturday, March 22nd, and it starts from North Beach Bar & Grill.  There’s a Kiddie Run starting at 7:50 a.m. and the 5K starts at 8 a.m.  Early Bird Registration is over, but you can still get in.  March 17-30 the registration is $30 and then it goes to $35 for March 21-22.  The Kiddie Run is free and Military Personnel can register at any time for the cost of $25 with valid military ID (must register in person at Fleet Feet or on Race Day).  Pick up your race packets Friday, March 21st at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah from 10:00am – 6:00pm.  On Race Morning, Saturday, March 22nd from 6:45am — 7:45am pick your pack up at the race start on Tybee. …