Tybee’s Arts Community

Tybee's arts communityTybee Island is very well known as a great getaway place, but did you know we’re also renowned for our Tybee’s Arts Community?  Our little barrier island is very well suited as a muse for artists, crafters, musicians, thespians, writers, chefs, singers, photographers, dancers and many other creative types.  Come visit any day of the week and you’ll find any number of artistes creating and performing throughout the island.  In fact, come down this weekend and you’ll be treated to some of our finest arts ever.

tybee's arts community

The Night of the Golden Flip Flop is a gala reception and fundraiser on Friday, September 25 from 7-9 p.m., the evening before the Coastal Arts Fair. This festive evening will include a “Sneak Preview” of some of the artwork that will be available during Saturday’s Coastal Arts Fair. …