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Ranger and the Accidental Rescue

ranger2 rBy Mermaid Mona
Cat-free for 4 months.
That’s right; we lost our last sweet kitty in August 2015 and had decided that, due to our desire to travel in coming years after retirement, it would be best not to get another kitty. Yes, we really missed having a pet. Yes, we struggled with the decision. Yes, we determined that, in spite of our love for cats, it was best, given our circumstances, that we not get another pet.
Yes, it made it easier to travel; no one had to be asked to feed any pets while we were away; we could just get in the car and go with no pet depending on us for care and feeding. Yes, is was a bit quieter and lonelier around the house sometimes.
Then, out of nowhere, just before Christmas, he appeared. First, peering in at me at night through the window scaring me to death and running away when he was seen. Then, gradually getting less scared and more willing to be fed and petted. (he took to the “being fed” part rather quickly!)
Yes, we had said we wouldn’t get another pet. But, in this instance, he got us.
Yes, he was hungry and scared and obviously had been abandoned or lost…we’re not sure. Yes, we have a soft spot for critters and couldn’t turn him away. Yes, we now had a mouth to feed and a responsibility we were not looking for. Yes, it now makes it a little harder to travel.
Yes, he was kind of expensive as he was young and needed shots and neutering. Yes, he has made himself at home in our house and our hearts and has quickly become a member of the family. Yes, we know we “didn’t want any more animals to care for now,” and… Yes, once he was here, we realized and admitted how very much we both missed having a kitty to love. Yes, sometimes the easy way isn’t always the best way. Yes, he is sweet and loving and captured our hearts very quickly. Yes, he’s already spoiled.
rang r
Yes, he needed us and we, although we didn’t realize it, badly needed him too. Yes, we are “in love” with Ranger and that’s the truth.
This is the story of Ranger and the accidental rescue of Mermaid Mona.

1 thought on “Ranger and the Accidental Rescue”

  1. I have the perfectly identical twin to this cat only I think she is a female. She
    appeared at my back door 3:30 am two weeks ago. I am allergic to cats so she has been staying outside (mostly). She is the sweetest cat I have ever seen and people friendly. She needs a home badly. I just don’t have the
    heart to take her off and “dump” her. Do you know of someone who would love to have this precious thing. When I am outside, she is right with me and when I am in a chair outside she wants to get in my lap, She does not
    bit or scratch you. If you are interested or know of someone who would love to have this adorable young cat, e-mail me or call my work 478-743-9366. I live in Macon but would meet someone half way to the Savannah area or
    Tybee. The picture you have of your cat is identical to the cat I am fostering.

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