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Mermaid Cottages’ New Back To School Special Supports Education

Mermaid Cottages' Back To School Special Supports Education
Enlisted Mens Mess Hall circa 1929

Mermaid Cottages’ new Back To School Special supports education!  We’re offering a 10% discount off of our rental price PLUS for every reservation made that mentions the Fall Special, we’ll be making a donation for School Lunches to two schools where the children need help: East Broad Street Elementary School in Savannah, GA  and Westgate Community Conservancy School in Samburu, Kenya.  Our goal is to serve as many children as possible.  So, come enjoy some Tybee Time and help children in need of school lunches!

mermaid cottages' back to school special supports education
Happy Ours Cottage photo by Jason Thrasher

How can you help? The Davenport House Museum in Savannah hosts a day long program each year for East Broad Street Elementary students in Mrs. Jones’ class.  You can make a difference, too, when you donate supplies for education as a part of your stay using our Back to School discount.  Here’s a list of some of the things Mrs. Jones could use for her classroom:

3X5 index cards (lined or unlined)

copier paper (white)

composition notebooks

pens (black or blue)

protractors for measuring angles

pencils #2

colored markers

multiplication flash cards

lined notebook paper

You can book your Back To School special conveniently online any time.  Just type “Back To School Special” in the Comments section of your reservation or mention it to the Mermaid-on-Duty when you book by telephone.  Once you check-in, just call our Guest Services line to let us know you have school supplies ready for pick up.  A Mermaid will stop by to collect them at your convenience.

mermaid cottages' back to school special supports education
Barefoot Children Cottage

This offer is valid on new reservations for rentals from Monday, September 5, 2016 through Monday, November 21, 2016 (Not valid with any other Mermaid Cottages offers.  This is for new reservations only, please.)!  Mermaid Cottages’ new Back To School Special supports education and we want you to be at the head of the class when it comes to enjoying Tybee Island and supporting education, too!


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