Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Tybee Island Blues

tybee island blues

Tybee Island Blues can happen at any time.  You start missing our happy little cottages.  You miss the picturesque sunrises and our breathtaking sunsets.  You long for bike rides and leisurely walks along the beach.  The seaside memories keep wafting through your mind.  We have the blues all the time, though in a vastly different context.  The lavender blues of our morning skies.  The ultramarine blues of our coastal waters.  The passionate blues of our bedrooms.  The haint blues of our porch ceilings that emulate the sea; since spirits refuse to cross bodies of water.  We get it and so do you.  Just look at these blues that make us so happy!


tybee island blues
Photo by Randi Kruger

Row, row, row your kayak or standup paddle board!

tybee island blues
photo by Sherry Brown!

Pretty ladies with beautiful smiles make every shade of blue our favorites!

tybee island blues
photo by Ava Padgett

Doesn’t our Tybee Lighthouse look even more regal against Tybee’s cool, blue skies?

tybee island blues
Kevin Neathery photo.

Peering through the romantic blue twilight at Tybee Island Pier…

tybee island blues

Imagine our cottage swoon when Carmella Calhoun shared her dreamy painting while visiting A Shore Thing Cottage circa 1949!

tybee island blues
Daniel Cox III photo.

Coming or going, every Tybee day presents blissful blues for us to view!

tybee island blues
A Diana Dice original

Here’s to all the Tybee Island blues that bring us happiness and love!  Come celebrate the blues and the Tybee Times of your life!

Minimum Night Stay Requirements will apply throughout the year including holidays, spring break and our summer season. Please check with our Mermaid Reservations Team at 912-704-4618 or visitmermaid@gmail.com for the dates you are considering.










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